[ANDROID] No sound through Bluetooth

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Whes streaming music to a Bluetooth device such as car no sound is heard but the track shows as playing. This may occur from initial connection, or in some cases will just occur on change of track.


To reproduce:

  • Use a Bluetooth device as the audio output



  • Disconnect from the Bluetooth device then reconnect
  • Use another media application to play a file (in-built music player, PocketCasts etc), then go back to Spotify and play the track.
  • On occasions just leaving it playing will trigger sound to initialise after some time


Additional information:

This may also be an issue for other devices non-Android. If you are experiencing this on a non-Android phone please still provide information in this thread.



If you are having this issue, can you please post (where possible):

  1. Make and Model you are running the app on
  2. Android version and is it stock or a custom ROM (if you are unsure, then it's probably stock)
  3. Your current Spotify version (Settings > About > Version)
  4. The device which you are using as the audio output
  5. the Bluetooth Stack versions of both phone & receiver






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Hey Guys


i've marked this as issue "Closed" as their haven't been any new reports of this issue


If Someone is still experiencing this issue, please post here and we can try figuring it out :)

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I am having this problem with a Samsung (Google) Nexus S.


Using Spotify Premium. Occasional dropouts of about 1 second each. This is on downloaded playlists so not related to streaming and Bluetooth stops at end of a track. After playing for a while Bluetooth audio stops at the end of a track. Once it has stopped once turning bluetooth off and on will restart but usually only for a few tracks. 


No problem at all with stock music App, DoubleTwist, Tunein Radio Pro or BBC iPlayer Radio.


Phone:  Samsung (Google) Nexus S.

OS:  Cyanogenmod 10.2.1-crespo (based on Android 4.3.1)

Spotify:  Android version

Device:  Parrot Mki9100 handsfree car kit

Bluetooth Stack:  Default for both devices. I don't know the version number.




I'm having the same issue with my Lg G2 running the stock android 4.4 KitKat firmware..


The music player shows its playing but, no sound is coming from the speakers. Beats music, google play and all other apps work fine


I'm also having the same issue with xperia z1 compact

spotify version


i'm also hoping for this thing to resume play when it connects to the car.

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  1. LG G2
  2. Kitkat, stock
  4. BMW F31
  5. Unknown


No sound from spotify at all. These work: Beyondpod, deezer, wimp, standard music player.


Same issue here.

LG G2 (D802) stock 4.4.2 Android,


Toyota Auris 2010, european model,

I don't know how to get the BT stack version.


A phone connects to the car audio, I start spotify manually, it's starts playing the song but no sound coming from the car audio. The buttons on the car audio are working, I can skip to next and previous track, pause/play the song.


If I start playing somthing in Google Play Music, then start Spotify, pause Play Music and start the music in Spotify, then I can hear the music on the car audio, but controls aren't working and the displayd information is false. Other workarounds does not work.


How are we to know whether this has been fixed? There have been quite a few new releases of the Android app since this was reported - including one major upgrade. None appear to have fixed this issue. Indeed it is my perception that the problem has become more frequent.


In the absence of any reliable bug-tacking system or of any comprehensive relase notes it is quite possible that we are in a situation where the developers think that they have fixed this and so are doing no further work on it. Meanwhile those of us who are experiencing this bug are testing each new release and concluding that it has not yet been fixed. If this is the case then nothing more is going to happen.



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Not sure what Spotify are doing about this issue (once we report it here on the community and pass it over to them behind the scenes it is all over to them to update), but I can't seem to reproduce this on my dad's Merc.

It's one of those problems that affects some users with some phone swith some bluetooth equipped vehicles. It's been reported in these forums many times by many users. Sadly we have had no response whatsoever from the company. My concern now is that they think that they have fixed it so are doing nothing about it. Meanwhile we are still waiting because we don't know to tell them that the issue is still causing problems.


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I ended up buying a third party bluetooth device in order to get spotify to work..


Third-party device? Can these be connected to a phone? The in-car audio system is alread a third-party device. A Parrot system.