[Accounts] Cannot Receive Verification Email

Hey everyone,


We’re getting reports that some of you are not receiving the email for the account verification, prompted in the app.




Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience and providing as much useful info as possible regarding this.


Writing to confirm the email verification prompt should no longer be visible.


If it still is or you're having troubles logging in, restarting the app should do the trick.




Bonjour, je ne reçois pas l'e-mail de vérification sur mon adresse e-mail qui n'a aucun filtre spam.

Je suis en France, chez le FAI Orange, les notifications sont actives, j'ai essayé tout ce que vous recommandez  au début de ce post mais sans résultat malheureusement.

Merci à vous.

  • Your country: Poland
  • Your email domain / email provider (make sure not to include your full email address):
  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP): UPC
  • If you have Notifications enabled: yes
  • Troubleshooting tried: every method suggested

On my account i got the verification email, but without any link to click on to confirm my email adress.

I tried changing the email to the one, but then I didn't receive any message at all.



Country: Mexico

Email: Gmail

Internet provider: telmex

I do have notifications enabled and tried the troubleshooting.


Had this problem for a couple days. Deleted spotify then reinstalled it which allowed me to listen to music for that day. The next day it asked me to verify my email again and it still doesn't send the email 😕.


Email: gmail

Internet: Telstra

Country: Aus

Notifications for email is enabled but not for the account itself.


Country: Australia
Email Domain:
Email Provider: yahoo

ISP: Aussie Broadband

Notifications: According to the website I have Email and Push notifications enabled for "News and Offers" and according to iOS they are enabled for my app.

Interestingly, the app still works through Apple Car Play AND I can log into the website without being blocked by a "verify email" message.

Troubleshooting tried:
- click "resend" on multiple occasions, across multiple days.
- kill the app, restart
- check email on different devices
- check email on different networks
- restart the phone
- check spam folders

I have not tried changing my email address. I have previously received several messages from Spotify at this address; the most recent was on 2020-10-08.

I'm sure you realise that this issue prevents the app from being used on the phone at all - there is no way to continue into the app.

Also, this community site let me log in with my email, but wouldn't let me vote/comment.  When I logged out and back in with my username it told me I needed to verify my email before I could comment.  However, it would seem I can post a comment after all.  


any update on fixing the email problem its be 4 days now????


Could you at least make it possible to start the app without email verification while you fix this? We are paying for a service that has not been working as intended for a few days now!


Why must I verify at all? Premium subscriber for over 10 years. 

  • Country: Argentina
  • Email domain:
  • Internet Service Provider: Airlink / Movistar
  • If you have Notifications enabled: on spotify no, on email yes
  • Troubleshooting tried:
    1. looked for spotify email on spam, all folders, email search engine
    2. tried to set another email on my profile and found out I can't change my personal data because the account is facebook related
    3. found out, though Facebook has all my data (username, birthdate,email) correctly and shared with Spotify, Spotify has not retrieved any info at all and has invented a random birthday for me
    4. found an alphanumeric "username", tried to use it to login to the Family Account on Spotify Kids and it prompted "no email asociated to that username"
    5. Tried to login to the Family Account on Spotify Kids with the email I know is associated to facebook and should be associated to Spotify as well and nothing arrives, ever.
    6. Read all the support material and the only suggestion after trying everything is "close your account and start a new one". It's outrageous.



Ee supplier 

Tried everything, can't change email 

No emails coming through .

Paying for premium and been blocked for over a week .not happy