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Adding albums / EP's to playlists feature is disappeared






(Samsung Galaxy A50)

Operating System

(Android 9)


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Just a couple of days before, I could " Add to Playlist " a whole album / EP, and now it's gone / I can't find it.

It's a super useful feature and without it it's just painfully long to add each track individually.

Hey all,


Thanks for the information you gave us and for your patience! 


We're happy to announce that this issue has now been fixed! Please do a clean reinstall to make sure you're using the latest version of Spotify. 

If you're still having troubles, don't hesitate to let us know in the Help Boards. We'll be happy to lend a hand.

Have a great day!  


I'm happy to be told that I'm blind, but - how do I add an album to a playlist? I use this feature weekly on mobile and it's just disappeared as far as I can tell. I can only see Add to Queue - something I never use.







Samsung Galaxy S7

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


My Question or IssueScreenshot_20190923-102444_Spotify.jpg



This is from my other phone - an iPhone. The add to Playlist option is there.


Hi @drg0nz0


Could you try to open that album by going to artist page instead of opening the album via your library? Then go to the selected album and try to add it to playlist from there. 


I hope it helps. 

Thanks but it does not make any difference. I searched for an artist, went to an album, and the options are still the same, and missing Add to Playlist. FYI, in the original instance, I was listening to artist radio, heard a song I liked, and went to Go To Album, and tried to add to to my "to listen" playlist. This is something I do all the time, which is why I am stumped by the sudden disappearance of Add to Playlist.

What Spotify version are you currently using on your Android phone?

You can find this information by going to settings in your Spotify app. 

The latest available -

Could you try performing clean reinstall of your Spotify app? Its different than regular reinstallation. 

Here's an article on how to do it. 


I have the same issue. I'll follow this thread since I don't have the time to reinstall the app. 


Same issue here. Spotify for Android, v8.5.24.763


Well, I performed a clean reinstall, but "Add To Playlist" is gone from the Menu.


Come on, do you think every little issue is solved with a clean reinstall?


This is the worst move of Spotify team since they remove the drop down box "Search In This Playlist" from the Playlists in Spotify for Android.


Believe me, most of Android users I know are **bleep** off by this nonsense.

Thanks for doing the clean reinstall. I had no time during the day - and
was obviously not expecting it to work anyway. I can only hope this is some
fat-fingered coder's mistake. But it's also gone from individual songs -
you can't add those to playlists either - which doesn't fill me with
confidence. It's about as annoying as removing the Pause button would be!
What the **bleep** is going on?! Does anyone from Spotify actually read these
forums and can you please offer an explanation?