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Adding albums / EP's to playlists feature is disappeared






(Samsung Galaxy A50)

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(Android 9)


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Just a couple of days before, I could " Add to Playlist " a whole album / EP, and now it's gone / I can't find it.

It's a super useful feature and without it it's just painfully long to add each track individually.

Hey all,


Thanks for the information you gave us and for your patience! 


We're happy to announce that this issue has now been fixed! Please do a clean reinstall to make sure you're using the latest version of Spotify. 

If you're still having troubles, don't hesitate to let us know in the Help Boards. We'll be happy to lend a hand.

Have a great day!  


Also noticed this missing today. If it's intentional it's a stupid option to remove.


With the update there is now no option to add an entire album to your playlist via Android Mobile. Our only option is to utilize the like feature and save the album to our Library which isn't helpful when you're trying to create a playlist of mixed artist albums.




Same problem here, with a Premium account on Android. 


I tried to reinstall, it did not work. Hope they fix this ASAP! I get the option + save, it says saved to your library.

As a longtime subscriber, I FULLY AGREE. There's no longer any menu functionality when selecting and holding down an album either. I'm a big fan of playlists with multiple FULL albums set to shuffle so not being able to quickly add full albums ruins the Spotify experience for me.


Please revert! 


I also have this problem. And have tried all the suggestions. It's the same issue. Happened to my 4 andriod devices after your recent application update. Really friken irritaing. It worked last week just fine BUT now the option is gone. SO I got a chat going with support and was told that they don't know when the feature will be back or even at all. Come on Spotify! People pay for this service and you just go and remove popular features like this one. Don't your developers test this stuff before you release it to the world? This will turn into a **bleep** storm for you guys so please add it back. It's a PITA to go add one song at a time and is unaccepable. The support person said it works in the Desktop Client; which is great. But now I need to get onto a computer to add an entire album to my playlist...thats BS.

But it doesn't work for single songs either on Android any more! Honestly
this is like deliberate cruelty. It PREVENTS me from listening to more /
new music. And it is still available on iPhone so there is no logic. And
most users must be mobile. A gigantic wth all round... I will complain as a
paying customer.
If this issue persists I will SERIOUSLY consider cancelling my premium
subscription, which I've had for YEARS. You lose, Spotify.

Same here. I hope its not definitive 😱😔


Bad news chums. I am the original poster, but my username is now dead. I did a help chat and - after making me reopen my account (they released my email address first and then restored all my playlists into the new account) - it turned out this was unnecessary and as someone else found out, basically Add Album to Playlist is freaking gone!!! And they had the nerve to tell me it's just part of their usual experimenting with features to make Spotify better. So enjoy being part of the experiment everyone. Honestly, this morning I would recommend Spotify to anyone 10/10. Tonight, I am no longer a paid subscriber (Premium got cancelled in the account move and I'm not renewing just yet), I am definitely investigating competition now, and would tell anyone that Spotify is a bunch of jerks who don't respect their customers. Amazing job Spotify.