Adding albums / EP's to playlists feature is disappeared

Status: Fixed






(Samsung Galaxy A50)

Operating System

(Android 9)


My Question or Issue

Just a couple of days before, I could " Add to Playlist " a whole album / EP, and now it's gone / I can't find it.

It's a super useful feature and without it it's just painfully long to add each track individually.

Hey all,


Thanks for the information you gave us and for your patience! 


We're happy to announce that this issue has now been fixed! Please do a clean reinstall to make sure you're using the latest version of Spotify. 

If you're still having troubles, don't hesitate to let us know in the Help Boards. We'll be happy to lend a hand.

Have a great day!  


I'm still having this issue. Latest version on mobile, multiple clean installs.

I also can't open albums to add individual songs. 

I need to search for each song by name, then add them.

It's very frustrating, I like to make larger playlists for when I'm at work.

! I kind of don't care enough anymore.
Certainly I'm not going to subscribe when there are flaws like this.

Adding albums to playlist feature disappeared on Android again. Removing and installing the app again didn't work. Can you provide a status on the issue or help us fix it?


Hello Spotify, adding albums to playplist still doesn't work in Android. Could you provide an update?


Hello Spotify, have you been able to reproduce the issue with your Spotify for Android app?




Just being able to add an album is not the full issue.


I would like to be able to add an album, inside a playlist that contains other stuff, and hear that album in its entirety when I play the playlist, regardless of whether I play it in order or shuffled. 


In other words, in a playlist of classical music, when I'm listening to a movement of a work by Thomas Ades that blends smoothly into the next movement, I want to hear the next movement, instead of being suddenly switched to the midpoint of some other composition by Steve Reich!! 


Painful mixing of compositions is an issue regardless of whether you listen to classical music, or jazz, or album-oriented rock like Pink Floyd or Quicksilver Messenger Service. Why does Spotify force us always to construct playlists at the level of tracks, instead of allowing us to treat an album as a single unit to be played as a whole?