Ads breaking play/pause

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Spotify desktop, OSX 10.11.5, iMac (27-inch, Late 2013)


When an ad plays the song timer freezes to the full length of the ad (e.g. 30s) and doesn't clear when next song comes up. In the place of the album cover and name of the current song are the ones from the song playing before the ad. In the place of the artist, is the text that shows during the ad.


Previous and next buttons remain disabled when ad is finished and if the current song is paused, it cannot be resumed, the button remains in pause state and does nothing. New song can be started but song info and song timer remains faulty, and buttons still do not work.


Next ad doesn't change the faulty information or fix the buttons. Quitting and reopening the application fixes the problem, song resumes from where it was left. However constantly reopening becomes annoying and troublesome since the bug can occur during every ad.


How to reproduce:

1. Play music

2. Wait for any ad

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 11.20.13.png

Hi there


I've been having this issue for a fairly long time now and have followed the comments here waiting on the problem being fixed. 


When I'm using Spotify (on windows), sometimes the music will pause after an ad has finished. I read about an issue with spotify not knowing sometimes when an ad has stopped but I don't think it's that, if I hit the space key the playlist continues.


I've tried reinstalling spotify with no change. I'd love for this issue to be fixed.



Having the same problem. Pauses after EVERY ad. Just about done with it!

Status changed to: Closed

Hey @aegisuk and @JL1616.


Welcome to the Community and thanks for getting in touch. This is really odd. Just to check, is this happening after any specific ad?


Can you let us know what device/version of Spotify you're both rocking? We'll take a further look backstage and see what we can suggest 🙂



Status changed to: Closed

Hey @routamieli,


Thanks for letting us know. 


Have you tried reinstalling the app with these steps: Does it help at all?


Also, is this happening on other devices or with other accounts?


Keep us posted 🙂



Hey guys, we haven't received a reply from you yet.


This issue is pretty odd, so we'd love to help out. If you're still experiencing this, send us over the info @Jim requested on the previous post and we'll guide you on the right path to fix it.


Keep us posted.


Hi sorry for delay, was away for a couple of weeks!


I'm using Windows 10 and have the latest version of Spotify installed. I refreshed Windows 10 back to factory settings last week and installed Spotify from fresh and it still pauses after an advert. It doesn't seem to be specific to a certain ad.


I've also noticed that occassionally Spotify will play an advert before a song is finished, cutting it off early. Not sure if that's related somehow.


Thanks for your help.


Hey @aegisuk, thanks for your reply!


Have you checked if this happens across all your devices (tablet, telephone, etc.), or if it's an isolated issue on your PC? Also, could you give it a try with a different Spotify account and check if the same thing happens?


We'll keep an eye over here.


Hey @routamieli!


Thanks for reaching out to us.

Is your Spotify still misbehaving in the same way?

If so, are you able to fire over the info as requested by @EstefanyA_Bog?


We're really happy to continue helping out here 🙂



I have had the problem previosly, with a KFC ad, and am currently having a problem with a Walgreens ad where the ad seems to freeze, and because the ad is frozen the music never plays.  When you hit play, it says playback will resume as soon as the ad plays, but since the ad never plays, it never resumes.  I've tried clearing cookies, logging out and back in, restarting spotify,   and restarting my computer.  My best guess at this point is that something on the ad server is causing the stutter.


This problem usually corrects itself eventually, but if there were a way to skip to the next ad, or even report the ad as broken, it would be greatly appreciated.