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Advertisements replaced by cat images

Hello! I have annoying ads on Spotify, my every ad is with this cat below. Any ideas what is this or it's only "normal ad"?  When I click on this ad my Spotify app restarts! Thanks! 

jd kot.png

Hey folks,


Thanks for waiting 🙂


Writing to confirm this should be fixed.


Let us know if anything else like this happens and post in the Help Boards. We'll take it from there.









ASUS Zenbook 14

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 Windows 10


My Question or Issue

The title pretty much says it all, but to reiterate: I keep on getting this weird ad where its just a picture of a cat, which would be fine if it didn't reload my entire Spotify whenever I clicked on it. The picture has changed everyday from the first day I saw it, and I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else or if someone at Spotify can find out why this happens.

Screenshot (6).png
My girlfriend is actually getting the same thing, but with a different picture of a cat. Is something like, happening here?
I'm having the same ad. I don't know if they started to show cats because nobody wants to post an ad on Spotify or just the ad's system/algorithm is not working today and that's the default "ad".

Hey @ramanamoru


Thanks for posting on the Community about this. 

Do you experience the same after logging out and back in to your Spotify account as well as restarting the app? If yes, try running a clean reinstall of Spotify on your laptop. This will clean up any corrupted data that might be causing the app not to work as expected. 


If this persists after the clean reinstall, check the hosts file for entries that need to be deleted. Follow the steps described here on how you can do that.


Let us know how you get on! We'll be here in case you need any further help with this. 


It happened to me too! I was just listening to music and then poof! A cat appeared! I freaked out! Please solve this! And then when I was talking about the cat, It popped out of the screen! Please solve this!


Edit: I just realized that whenever I open Spotify it appears, like when I minimize it there isn't anything. But when I open it, (I think they programmed it like that) the cat just appears. This is weird. And I hope the Spotify team replies to this post.


I feel like they're trolling us, I also got some few cats since yesterday. I clicked in one and it leads nowhere, maybe it's just part of a marketing strategy of some sort and they see what people like, but I myself dislike cats in general so I don't know what they're going for.

The moment they start placing dogs or monkeys I'm spamming the heck out of it to turn the marketing study results if they ever do, dog and monke gang let's make our voices be heard.

EDIT: My cat looks like he has PTSD or something, it's freaking me out lol

schizo cat.jpg

And here is the cat ad.

That Cat (spotify).jpg
Happy to know im not the only one questioning this. Ive gotten a decent amount of them today and clicking them just sends my to the home page. They dont seem to day anything but its def. an odd sight.

This worked a lot. Thank you!


This worked for......... a couple hours. Cat ad still shows up, maybe its an advertiser thing?