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Advertisements replaced by cat images

Hello! I have annoying ads on Spotify, my every ad is with this cat below. Any ideas what is this or it's only "normal ad"?  When I click on this ad my Spotify app restarts! Thanks! 

jd kot.png

Hey folks,


Thanks for waiting 🙂


Writing to confirm this should be fixed.


Let us know if anything else like this happens and post in the Help Boards. We'll take it from there.




Hey @ramanamoru,


Thanks for getting back to us. 


In this case we'll need some more info to dig into this and find the origin of the issue. Could you clarify for us how the image of the ad changes since the first day you saw it? It'd also be useful if you show us some screenshots of the other images you see.  


Another thing you can check is if this happens on any other device on which you can log in to your Spotify account, or only on the desktop version of the app. 


Looking forward to your reply. Enjoy your day! 


i keep getting these ads too, i reinstalled the app on my laptop and they still show up. they kind of freak me out everytime. i dont get them on the app on my phone. when i click them it just sends me to spotify's home screen. the last couple of days or more when i openned spotify my username was replaced with a series of number and small letters and my profile picture was gone. my friends saw the old version of my profile though. all my playlists where still there as well as my followers and following. i went into finder>private folder etc and hosts something (idk how to explain it) and didnt see "spotify" written anywhere in the entries. what else can i do?


Hey @ioannatheof,


Thanks for getting back to us and for the troubleshooting you've done so far.


Could you share the make, model, OS version and Spotify version of your phone and PC? That way we can take a closer look at the possible root cause.


As for the username - keep in mind that these get automatically generated. You can however change your display name at any time. You can find out more here.


Keep us posted, we'll be on the lookout for your reply.


my laptop is a macbook air from early 2015 and has macos big sur version 11.0.1
my phone is samsung A40 (SM-A405FN) with android version 10
i believe thats my spotify version or at least thats what showed up when i clicked "about spotify"
not sure if the helps, if you need any more info lmk


Yeah, i have the same problem!
I don't know if this can help but i did the thing where Spotify makes a playlist for you pet ( a little bit before all of this happened

I also have this annoying problem. I mean when i open the app the home page shows an error and my name turns into a long code with random numbers and letters. If I restart the app several times this problem ends up dissapearing but then I have the cat issue. It's like the 3rd or 4th day this happens. Everyday I get a different cat and that ugly ad shows up lots of times. When I click the ad it leads me to the home page but nothing else happens. Then after like 3 minutes the horrorific photos appear again. I need help it's actually annoying and it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Oh, and I've already tried to log out, to reinstall and to delete those files but it's still happening
i dont think this has anything to do because i never did a playlist for my pet or anything close to this. at first i thought it was an ad for the pet playlist thing but if it was generated by spotify i believe that by clicking it, it would take me to a page where i could make the playlist, something that never happened.
Some dude on Reddit said that he contacted Customare Care and they replied to him saying that this is a bug inside the Spotify system itself and they are working to fix it.
I guess we just have to wait..
thanks for telling me. lets hope it gets fixed soon because it still creeps me out. i also hope that our data is safe and that this bug doesn't have anything to do with privacy issues.