After latest update ( I can't download songs or sync playlists

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Operating System Version:

Windows 10 (64Bit)


Spotify Version:


After the latest update I can no longer download any song for offline playback and my playlists won't sync. Previous version was working just fine and I can confirm it by installing v1.0.20 and everything works fine again. After Spotify auto-updates back to 1.0.21 the problem comes back. 


To reproduce:

1. Install v1.0.21.x

2. Can't download or sync playlists



Install v1.20.x (but it gets auto-updated)... So really not a workaround.



Additional information:

Please fix it.

I'm a Premium user.

Hi everybody!


We're going to close this for now, as it looks like things are running smoothly in the newest update. Don't hesitate to get back to us if you need any help 🙂


I found out that Spotify Connect doesn't work on this version either. This release is a hot mess. 


Same problem as OP.





Operating System

Tested on Windows 7x64 and Windows 10x64 


Spotify Version


I found this problem only happens on new installs. My existing install on a windows 10 machine works fine. On this new laptop though, I've been unable to make it sync on Windows 7 nor 10 after clean installing the newer OS


Additional information:

Please test your software before releasing it.

I'm a also Premium user.



Hey @xankazo thanks for reporting this to the Community. 


Is this happening with all playlists or just a few? Are your offline playlists working okay on other devices? Thanks!


All playlists in the desktop app. Right now I'm looking at the "Discover Weekly" playlist that changed recently and refuses to sync. No download at all. If I play the songs, they play, they just won't sync into the offline playlist. Also the "Happy Songs" playlist doesn't wanna sync. The successfully synced playlists are the ones that haven't changed since the update. The other devices (on Android and iOS) are working fine. Here are screenshots.

Screenshot (9).pngScreenshot (10).png


I've found that I was able to get a playlist to sync if I listened to every song in the playlist from start to finish.


I can also confirm that these same playlists work fine on my iOS devices, its just the Windows Desktop version I'm experience this with.


I'll just copy-paste what I posted in another thread.


Things I've tried so far:
  • reinstalling Spotify
  • deleting all Spotify content from AppData
  • deleting all Spotify cache files
  • deleting Spotify entries from the registry
  • removing all of my devices in my account settings
  • clearing and reinstalling Spotify on all of my devices
  • changing local storage location
  • turning offline mode off/on
  • Windows 10 with all latest stable updates
  • Spotify
  • Ethernet (wired) connection
  • issue happening since last Spotify desktop client update

Everything works fine on my laptop, which has version installed.


If I stream a full song it stays downloaded (because it's in cache) but I cannot "pre-download" any music.

The playlist itself won't appear as downloaded, even if all the individual tracks are.


C'mon Spotify devs! No response for this issue? Our patience is not unlimited and there is a lot competing services begging for our subscription. 


Seriously this is going on for over a week no, still no fix. What do you have your beta version for?

I am paying money for a service I'm not receiving.


Downloaded playlists today before I updated to version

After the update I am not able to download any playlist anymore. So this defintely has to do with the update/ latest version.

Please fix the bug and push a new update out!