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After minutes Chromecast Devices no longer show as available

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Using Spotify on Nexus 6P and 5p on OS 7.0. Problem started about a month ago (with an earlier app version). Playing music from Spotify to Chromecast audio cuts out after 15-30 minutes. When I return to the app to restart the music no Cast enabled devices show up in "Devices available" list. However an instance of Spotify running on a desktop on my network does show as available. Other cast capable apps (like GPM) can see the Chromecasts on my network without issue. Only by killing the Spotify app (by swiping it away in the recents menu) and restarting it restores it's ability to see the Chromecasts again but only for 15-30 minutes. Any ideas? I've attached a short screen capture video to demonstrate the problem more clearly.


Same problem here with Chromecast audio and spotify for weeks now and recent updates of spotify do not cancel this drop out and followed by disconnect problem.


Wish I could get a way to debug this myself, so how can i monitor this behavior on both sides, i.e. Spotify and CA?



galaxy s7 edge

netgear nighthawk r70000


pc and laptops


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Hey @mothersmilk and @pierreleroi!


Can you let us know the firmware version of your Chromecast devices? 


@pierreleroi, can you send us the Spotify versions of all your devices?


We'll see what we can suggest. 


@JuanSebastianChromecast audio is 1.22.77272 and Chromecast Ultra is 1.21a.76178. I believe this issue was present in conjunction with previous firmware versions as well.


I've upgraded my Spotify android app to on both of my Nexus devices and the issue persists. I have taken the step of deleting cache and saved data for the app but that has not rectified the issue.


Thanks for that info @mothersmilk!


Can you try resetting your WiFi router to see if this makes a difference? 


Keep us posted. 




Chromecast Audio updated itself to 1.22.78337 and I rebooted the router. Made an interesting discovery afterwards. After playing music for about 45 minutes through the Chromecast Audio on Spotify using Connect via my Nexus 5X the music stopped suddenly. After about 5 seconds I grabbed the phone and hit the power button to wake it up see what was going on. Suddenly the music comes back on. I went into Settings>Battery Settings>Battery Optimization and set the Spotify app to "Not optimized". No problem since then. I suspect that there is an interaction between how Spotify handles Doze on Android 7.0+ and it's ability to maintain a connection to Google Cast services. I recommend the engineers investigate. For now this issue appears solved for me at least.


Thanks for the update @mothersmilk!


It's great to hear this issue has been solved for you. We'll keep investigating further.


Feel free to contact us if amything else comes up. 

Status changed to: Closed

Seeing exactly this behaviour. I've just excluded Spotify from 'Doze' to see if this fixes it. It's really quite frustrating!