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Age verification not working for South Korean users

Status: Fixed

Hey folks!


We've received reports that the age verification process for South Korea is not working. When you tap on next to confirm your age, a "Try again" prompt pops up. 
This is being investigated 🙂

Hey everyone!

We've made some changes backstage and all should be working well now.
Changing the status to Fixed.
Tip: Make sure your apps are up to date at all times 🙂








Samaung Galaxy S21

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue

I've been listening to Spotify premium everyday just fine. I've already did the age confirmation and everything. I tried to just listen to it and it's not letting me play any of my explicit music. It says I need to "be online to confirm my age" yet I can play any other music. I've deleted the app and reinstalled it. Turned my wifi off and tried it. Turned my data off and just used wifi. Still the same message. This is annoying and frustrating. What is going on with Spotify?? Please fix this asap


Proof I played the music yesterday but now it's not letting me today



I’m korean using the spotify well.

I wanna listen to adult contents.
But I got a problem “please check your age”.

I can’t do anything. I just can see “re-try” or “close”.
so I enter the “re-try” but nothing happened.

There used to be no problem.

I don’t know why this problem suddenly happened. I’m an adult.

how can I do?

  • I've listened to explicit content music like until yesterday, but suddenly  it said i need to be 19 to play explicit content. I already verified my account and so now what? I don't understand! And there is also no option to verify my age.
21살인데 19금 걸린 음악들 못 듣고 있어요
앱에서는 계속 '나이를 확인해주세요.', '나이를 확인하려면 온라인으로 전환해야 합니다.' 이렇게 뜨네요.
왜 그러죠???
19금 걸린 음악들 못 듣고 있습니다. 
앱에서는 계속 '나이를 확인해주세요.', '나이를 확인하려면 온라인으로 전환해야 합니다.' 이렇게 뜨네요.

다시 시도하기 버튼을 클릭해도 같은 버튼만 계속 나오고 인증화면으로 넘어가지 않습니다.

빠른 답변 부탁드립니다.

ios 16.0.3 version 이고 기종은 iphonexs 입니다.

I'm having the same problem too. I've also did the age confirmation and everything, and my spotify is the latest version. When I try to listen any 19rated music, in mobile, it says "be online to confirm my age". And in my desktop, it just says "This content is not available". I'm also living in South Korea, and I'm having this problem since today. It's so annoying and I need help.

Samsung Android A32, Windows 10 etc




I’m having the same problem. I contacted customer support for like an hour and a half and we weren’t able to troubleshoot it.

iphone14 pro max/ South Korea


Exactly!! I don't know why it's doing this but it's annoying. I can't even confirm my age because it's acting like I'm not "online" or got good service. This is so frustrating 



I am having a similar message but it isn’t telling me I am offline, it’s telling me to try again. I guess we’re having the same problem but different OS. Is your phone new? My phone is new so I toboggan maybe that’s why the changes just started, but I see you and another person are having problems at the same time.