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AirPods Pro Automatic Switching conflict with Spotify Connect






iPhone Xs, iPad Pro (2019), and AirPods Pro

Operating System

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

My Question or Issue

With iOS 14, Apple released automatic source switching between different apple devices depending on which source emits audio. If I have spotify open on both devices, and try and play music on either one, spotify connect and the switching goes into a loop where the AirPods Pro bounce between devices. I can pause, but that doesn’t help. I have to quit spotify on one of the devices to fix it.

Hey folks,


Thank you for your patience and for keeping in contact.

Based on the reports and feedback we see along with tests we run on our end, this seems to be something on Apple's end and how the AirPods handle audio playback requests to Spotify automatically upon connection.

To prevent this to happen, you can use the troubleshooting steps mentioned by @rdegroot_1995 here.

If anything else comes up, keep in mind that the Community will be here for you.


@Mihail  I have the same issue. My Mac Spotify randomly being stopped and connect on the iPhone Spotify. Progress is not synced and seems buggy at best. If I may provide the versions that I have:


MacBook Pro

macOS Big Sur 11.4 (20F71)



iPhone XR

iOS 14.6



AirPods Pro

Firmware: 3E751


When is the Apple M1 Silicon app coming!?!?!? Goshhh its been over 6 months. The app sucks running on Rosetta 2. I get heaps of error messages and it crashes. Spotify Connect refuses to work smoothly with my Mac and iPhone. I used to have a HP Spectre and the app sucked on that too. It was crashing all the time. I think I will switch to Apple Music. I've had enough of this trash. Spotify can't seem to get a simple music streaming app to work properly. Instead they spend all their time switching the UI style every 5 minutes. Get your priorities straight! 😡


Hey folks, 


In order to continue investigating this, we'd like to ask for a recording of what this looks like for you. 


You can send a link to it or attach it using the Insert Video option in the post editor. 


We'll keep an eye out for your replies.


Hi there,


Have similar issue.

Usually playing music in the background on my android TV and using my iphone for chats and calls.

Sometimes I use spotify iphone app to control music on the TV.

So when ever I switch to a phone call with my airpods pro - spotify on my phone just immediately turns music in my ears - absolutely crazy annoying. Especially when I need to respond the call immediately.

This happens EVEN if I'd kill the spotify app on the phone, but apparently there's still some background thread that will turn the music on when I connect aipods.

I have to go back to spotify iphone app, switch it back to my andoid tv and kill the app on the phone. Sometimes few times to kill that annoying background thread. 

PLEASE fix this (with something freeze device switch IN spotify app?) 

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey everyone,


We appreciate you taking the time to report this issue here. All the information you shared has been passed on to the right folks and they are looking into it.


In order to investigate further, we will need to gather more details. Could you share a video of what's happening exactly? That'd really help the right team to get to the bottom of this.


Thanks again!


Hi @Xenia,


I'm afraid it's hard to record this bug as it's random, plus, this happens between my Mac and my iPhone, the latter being my only way to film something. I do not think it would be helpful anyway, all we can see is the music getting paused. Forcing a reconnect on the AirPods Pro fixes the issue for few seconds up to a few minutes for this behaviour to reoccur. Again, it's triggered randomly.


Hey @Xenia, I'm able to replicate this very consistently since it has plagued me as long as AirPods auto-switch has been a thing. (I know I can just disable auto-switch but where's the fun in that?)


Here is the video link for my attempt to capture the issue; I have my Mac and iPhone screens in picture-in-picture mode, they're mostly simultaneous in the overlay (could have worked on syncing cues better). The audio is not present because a) QuickTime doesn't record Mac audio, and b) iMovie had some weird issue with the iPhone audio, which was only present at the last 3 seconds of the video anyway.


Hope this helps! I would very much like to see this fixed, and I'm glad I caught this thread at an active time.

P.S. I will also note that I have no idea if this is an issue with Apple Music, and I haven't bothered to test because I want to use Spotify instead. Anyone who knows, your input is welcome.


Hey folks,


Quickly writing to ask if you're still experiencing this.


We haven't heard from you in a while and would like to double-check as we keep looking into this.




@Mario, I am still experiencing this very issue with spotify, my phone, and my airpods fully updated.


@Mario  Hey! Sorry for the late response, but I tried it out and it works between my phone and iPad! (I have yet to try it between my phone/iPad and MacBook, so I might touch back here if I run into issues with that.) If the developers did something to fix it, then it totally works; if this is just a coincidence, then I’m cool with that too.