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Airport Express Not In Spotify Devices Menu

A week ago it was working fine. My Airport Express no longer shows in Available Devices. Neither on the Mac desktop Spotify app or my iPhone 6 app. I have deleted and re-installed the iPhone app and restarted the iPhone6. I did install new Airport Express and Airport Extreme firmware updates several days ago- possible culprit? When I goto the iOS Spotify, Settings, Devices Menu, all it shows is: LISTENING ON This iPhone. If I turn on my Marantz receiver, then it shows up as a Spotify Connect device. The Airport Express does work with my desktop iTunes and AirFoil.


iPhone6: iOS 10.2

iOS Spotify App:

Airport Express version: 7.6.8

Hey y'all!


Thanks for your patience on this one.


The good news is we've now released a new update that should help fix this issue. If you update to the newest version (7.4) that should help.


If you do notice any further issues, try a quick reinstall of the app by following these steps. Should the issue then persist, feel free to post a new Ongoing Issue and we'll take a look into this further.


Thanks 🙂


Same issue. It was working a week or two ago on my iPhone and now my Airport Express doesn't show up. I tried updating my Airport Express firmware and that didn't fix it.


I lost the possibility to play using my Airport Express after this update.


Edit: This is odd, I rolled back to 7.6.7 and still not discovered by Spotify. Maybe it has nothing to do with the update Apple rolled out after all.


Spotify on Mac

Spotify on iOS




Hey all!


Airplay receivers show up under 'More Devices'. Have you checked if it's over there?

Here's some more information about Airplay and Spotify. Let me know how it goes.


Happy holidays! 🙂


My Airport Express used to show up in that menu. But either because of recent Airport firmware update or some regression in Spotify it has stopped (yes, rebooted everything, including Airport, network router, my Mac and iPhone).


Hey @olson


That's definitely weird. Could you go over to control center (swipe-up from bottom) then swipe to the music overview and tap on 'iPhone' in the bottom? Do your devices show up there?


OK, got some progress. It turned out that in–app device discovery is broken but it works system–wide. Check this out:


There is no devices section available in the app (should be at the bottom):


Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 15.24.08.png


But my Airport Express ("Portek") is available system–wide:


Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 15.25.17.png


And it works:


Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 15.25.35.png


Music plays through Airport and it suddenly appears in the app at the bottom:


Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 15.26.55.png


But, the weird thing is that if I click the device button and select iPhone again in this menu:


Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 15.27.45.png


the device selector button is gone, like in the first screenshot. Something is clearly wrong with in–app device discovery. In other words: Spotify accepts system–wide settings, but does not discover devices on its own.


If you're confused with the screenshots, I can create a screencast.


Besides, the same thing happens on Mac, check this out, my Airport Express is available system–wide (discovered by MacOS), but Spotify does not recognize it:


Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 15.30.37.png


Hey @olson


On an Mac that's expected behaviour. Could you try reinstalling the iPhone app and see if that helps? Here's some instructions on how to do that. Let me know how it goes.


Happy holidays! 🙂


As I originally posted, I re-installed Spotify on my iPhone6 and the problem persists.

Has this issue been verified by Spotify? Is there a target date for resolution?


atbaldwin- So it seems that the Airport update is not to blame.

Until recently I was able to pick up my Apple TV as a Spotify device from my imac and iPhone and play music in Spotify through computer bose speakers.

Now there is no Apple TV through Spotify devices and playing music using Airplay means I can't use my imac or iphone to play utube for example, without that also going through airplay. So I end up with everything playing on my computer speakers. How do I isolate Spotify music to use the TV speakers while internet still plays on my computer speakers only?

Is there a way around this? What has changed?