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Airport Express Not In Spotify Devices Menu

A week ago it was working fine. My Airport Express no longer shows in Available Devices. Neither on the Mac desktop Spotify app or my iPhone 6 app. I have deleted and re-installed the iPhone app and restarted the iPhone6. I did install new Airport Express and Airport Extreme firmware updates several days ago- possible culprit? When I goto the iOS Spotify, Settings, Devices Menu, all it shows is: LISTENING ON This iPhone. If I turn on my Marantz receiver, then it shows up as a Spotify Connect device. The Airport Express does work with my desktop iTunes and AirFoil.


iPhone6: iOS 10.2

iOS Spotify App:

Airport Express version: 7.6.8

Hey y'all!


Thanks for your patience on this one.


The good news is we've now released a new update that should help fix this issue. If you update to the newest version (7.4) that should help.


If you do notice any further issues, try a quick reinstall of the app by following these steps. Should the issue then persist, feel free to post a new Ongoing Issue and we'll take a look into this further.


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I have used itunes for sometime but got irritated at the way Apple are headed down the path of planned obselesence - ipod nanos no longer playing my own music, which I have composed and recorded myself  "for copyright protection"! And the interface which is getting more and more complex and further from music.

So I signed up for Spotify again, only to discover that now, in spite of saying I can play music anywhere, the app refuses to recognize  the 2 airport express units connected to my hi fi systems or the Marantz consolette, also present and installed on my wifi network.

Well, so thats a tenner down the tube.





Any updates?

Hey @jtconte!


I'm going to escalate your issue, hang tight! 🙂

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @julesann123!


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Just to check, were you able to play Spotify on your Apple TV trough connect or trough Airplay? Also, can you let us know the exact steps you were following to do so?


Feel free to send us some screenshots.


Keep us posted 🙂


Hey @jtconte!

Alright, I need to do a bit more troubleshooting on this. Does this also happen on other network connections? Let me know!


Thanks, have a nice day! 🙂

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @iankellett! Thanks for coming to the community!


Are you still having these issues? Could you try these steps to use AirPlay on your Mac? Let me know how it goes.


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Yes I've looked and no it doesn't help. Whilst it says it explains how to connect to airport express, there is no reference to it in the article that I could find. There used to be an icon that showed all the available devices   but this has vanished - it only shows up other computers on the network.


I notice that on my iPhone SE and my old iPad (which will not update to latest versions because of its age), the airport express and Marantz consollette still appear in the connections pane. 

Therefore I assume it is a conscious decision by Spotify to prevent users from connecting to other devices on their network even thought they have paid for the premium service.

That's shabby and cheap and I'm gone.



Hey @Huib


Not sure what is meant by other network connections? A wifi network other than my home wifi?