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Airport Express Not In Spotify Devices Menu

A week ago it was working fine. My Airport Express no longer shows in Available Devices. Neither on the Mac desktop Spotify app or my iPhone 6 app. I have deleted and re-installed the iPhone app and restarted the iPhone6. I did install new Airport Express and Airport Extreme firmware updates several days ago- possible culprit? When I goto the iOS Spotify, Settings, Devices Menu, all it shows is: LISTENING ON This iPhone. If I turn on my Marantz receiver, then it shows up as a Spotify Connect device. The Airport Express does work with my desktop iTunes and AirFoil.


iPhone6: iOS 10.2

iOS Spotify App:

Airport Express version: 7.6.8

Hey y'all!


Thanks for your patience on this one.


The good news is we've now released a new update that should help fix this issue. If you update to the newest version (7.4) that should help.


If you do notice any further issues, try a quick reinstall of the app by following these steps. Should the issue then persist, feel free to post a new Ongoing Issue and we'll take a look into this further.


Thanks 🙂


Hey @jtconte!


It would be great if you could test this on another WiFi-network. Let me know how it goes!


Take care! 🙂

Hey @Huib

I don't think I can gain access to another network, bring my Airport Express and configure it for the new network.


Hey @jtconte!


Alright, let's do some troubleshooting:

  • Apologies, as I know it sounds simple, but are you able to just double-check you've plugged in, and turned on the AirPlay device that you're trying to stream to?
  • Just to confirm, can you let me know the exact devices, operating systems, and versions of Spotify this is happening on? 
  • On iOS: Is your iOS device in Low Power Mode? If so, can you try things again with this switched off?
  • Are both your device, and Airport Express on the same WiFi network? 

Let me know how it goes.


Have a lovely day! 🙂

Hey @Huib

No worries.

My apologies for being a bit short but all the information you seek (except low power mode, which it is not) is in my original post at the top of this thread.


Hey @Olson


Are you still having this issue?





Also, other iOS apps can play to my Airport Express like Pandora.




Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey folks!


We hope that you're well.


We've now moved, and merged a few threads exploring this together, so that we can better help you all.


If you've not already, could you let us know:


  • Device
  • Operating system
  • Version of Spotify
  • When this started to happen
  • Airport Express version


We're going to report this one to our best tech folks. We'll keep you updated as soon as we have any more info to share.





Hey everyone! 


Hope you're all good.


We don't have any more info on this right now, but we're on the case.


@julesann123. This looks like it could be a slightly different issue. Could you let us know a few more details about the devices you're using? Also, even though it seems basic, could you try a quick reinstall for us?


Let us know how that goes 🙂




The problem is within the Spotify software and I have gone through all the steps to reload Spotify.

When playing spotify music there is a devices icon on the bottom right of the page and this used to allow me to choose my Apple TV speakers - that has now disappeared. This is a problem from both my iMac and iPhone

Thank you


I have the same problem. Can't choose Apple tv through 'Device Menu', workaround posted by olson worked here.