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Albums not loading on Android devices

We've received reports that albums don't load on Android devices. When tapping an album a black screen appears.


This is being investigated.

Hey folks,


Thank you for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to announce that this should now be fixed for everyone - just make sure you're running the latest version of Spotify.


If you're still having trouble you can post a new thread in the relevant help board here.


Have a good one!


Happens for my daughter as well on her Sony Z3 tablet compact with Android 6.0.1.

Spotify App version is


Clean install did not help in my case.

Samsung Galaxy A10

Android 11


On the startscreen, the info symbol reports a new message, when I click it, it says "something went wrong". Repeatedly.

When I open albums, the screen turns black.

Playlists are reported empty



Hello, I'm using an Samsung Galaxy S5, Android 6.0.1


Clean install didn't fix the issue. I don't have any other Android devices to check against. Had the problem since Friday I think. Same issue as reported above: just a black screen when I open any album. For me, playlists open properly with everything in it and everything else works fine. 




Sorry, should have added that the Spotify version is




Same issue Samsung Galaxy A10
Android 11
Other Samsung devices no problems


Just solved this: SD-card should be removed while reinstalling Sotify!


I have the same problem. I have a Samsung Galaxy A10 and Andorid Version 11, on my samsung tablet I don´t have any problems. Spotify version:

For me there is also a problem with playlists: my own are all gone and when I clicked on the ones made by spotify (like radio, or autumn chillout,...) it says they are empty. This problem has been ongoing for 1 week and I have reinstalled the app 3 times and looged in and out of my account at least 10 times, would be glad if the problem could be resolved soon. Thank you! 

I have exactly the same issue as well.

Galaxy A10, latest updated spotify app does not work, it is empty


Since about 5-OCT-2022 Spotify has been working Ok through the desktop version... and on my Android smartphone... but is problematic on my tablet.


Symptoms: Tapping on albums stalls after clearing the main screen.  Tapping on a playlist loads the playlist Ok.  Using 'Search' is often very slow.  Internet connection is via wireless (54mbps), adjacent to router.  Australian internet is pretty awful at any time but is reliably stable in this case.


In all cases, the 'slowness' is so bad that Spotify goes compute-bound and often crashes the tablet.  Tried clearing cache, clearing all data, re-installing the app, changing location of the installation (Internal RAM and external SD card), ensuring no  apps are running, removing SD card entirely - all of which don't change the problematic behaviour.


Using Spotify on a Samsung SM-T530 Tablet, running Android 5.0.2 (cannot be upgraded further as no further updates are available for this device... in Australia, at least).


I have had this problem for a number of days. Playlists and most popular songs are accessible but not albums and album tracks. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 - model no SM-T810. 

Have not been able to reset it following the advice. Spotify is working on my mobile phone but that is much less convenient!