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Albums won't load in the app (yet can play album songs if search individually)




United Kingdom


Samsung Galaxy S8

Operating System



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Finding that countless albums will not load - I simply get the green 'loading' circle.  I tried multiple artists, multiple genres, multiple albums, and still the same result.  Sometimes the artists latest album will load, but their older ones won't.


YET, if I search for individual songs from the albums that won't load, the songs will play straight away.  This is obviously not a satisfactory solution though, as I have to search for the next song once the previous one finishes.


This issue presents itself on regardless of whether I'm connected to wifi, or using network data.


Paying for a service where I can't play whole albums, isn't really very good. 


Hey folks,


This should be now fixed!


If you're having troubles, make sure to perform a clean reinstall of the app on your device.


Have a lovely day.


Just tested this issue using a colleagues iOS device, and his Spotify app was able to load an album immediately, whilst my Android phone sat there with the spinning circle of death.  I'll try re-installing the app.


Looks like this issue is resolved after I reinstalled the app.


Admin feel free to delete or clost my thread.  Thanks.


I also experience this on Android (Pixel), my iMac running both the desktop client and the webapp, and my work PC, also in both the desktop client and the webapp. 


it's disapointing and breaks the app/experience as i am unable to search for new music, or listen to anything outside of my recently played list.


I came to spotify from google music several months ago, and am strongly considering switching back over to youtube music where i never experienced these kinds of bugs. 


I've been having the same issues. Hoping reinstalling will also fix it. Thanks! 



Hi all!


I also had this issue once but after I force closed the app I haven't had this problem anymore. So reinstallation might not be the only solution to this issue.


Hope this helps 🙂


It's been a week that my Spotify won't show me any of the albums i seek.

It just loading and loading.

I have excellent connection, so the internet is not the problem.

Please help me, I'm going crazy annoyed.






 Samsung Galaxy 8

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


My Question or Issue

 It doesn't show any album list i seek or press on. Just keep on loading without any result.


I've been having the same problem on my Galaxy Note8 running Nougat 7.1.1 

So far the only temporary solution I've found is uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.


I also have this problem on a Pixel 2. I can get rid of the problem if I force stop the app, but it comes back eventually. I think it is the same issue as discussed here:


I have this issue too on a Pixel 2. If I force stop the app, it goes away. But it eventually comes back. My working theory is that it's something to do with checking albums when there is no data coverage, and then the album view remains broken until you force stop or the app is removed from memory. Either way, a very annoying bug!


Yes its back for me too - the respite from the issue was short lived after thinking that a re-install had fixed it.


I agree with your assessment in that the issue seems to originate with albums searched on data connection.  That said, I'm on home wifi at the moment, and still can't see an album I was trying to access yesterday.  I've forced stop, and still no joy.


Can't even be bothered to reinstall right now.


I'm sure I wasn't experiencing this issue until recently - and it is certainly ruining any joy I ever got from Spotify.