[All Platforms] Music keeps un-downloading


(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue 

I am soon unsubscribing to this app. I’m paying money for the premium and my songs keep un-downloading. This has happened at least 3 times or more now in the past year. Soon as I get some play list I like, I’ll go into the app on a day where I’m out of service and don’t have data. All the songs will be gone, unable to play because the download erased. Very very frustrating. Seeing how I’m paying for that service and not getting it. 


Hey everyone,


Thanks for reporting this and providing us all the relevant info. 


We've passed your details on to our developers and they have already rolled out several improvements to fix the experience reported. 


We are aware that some users do still experience issues with their downloads, but our tech teams weren't able to reproduce it and this seems to be affecting specific devices or setups, so we're unable to find a solution remotely.


We're continuously improving the app and optimizing it, so we recommend keeping an eye out for future updates to the app, but can't guarantee this will fix the issue.


For now, we'd like to provide some steps which we hope might help:

  • Check out the steps on our support page here
  • Try disabling WiFi assist
  • Check for any settings that could affect the Spotify background data
  • Change the quality of the downloads in the Spotify app

We’d also recommend you try a clean reinstall, which will remove any corrupt data from your device. Just a heads-up, this will remove all your downloads and you'll have to download everything again for offline listening.

Gig Goer

Samsung Galaxy S7 + Android 8.0.0 with all latest updates

Spotify ver.


This is totally unacceptable - each time you dump my downloads you are costing me money : data isn't free. And this is a feature that I pay for.


Contrary to your updates - this isn't fixed on Android at all.


Your question about "is it better if you log out and in again?" is very odd : how can "all my downloads have been deleted" be better unless you expect them to magically reappear?


Is there some logging of your deletion actions that we can inspect to see when this is happening?

Casual Listener

(On a LG K30 phone, Android) I have two playlists that are downloaded, called Likings and Private Likings. About 5 days ago, when I went offline, the playlists would "delete" the downloads. I mean that they show as undownloaded, but they're still playable if in any WiFi range. If I am on a connection and I tap a song, it'll take 5 seconds to play, and once it plays, it shows as downloaded. 5 seconds after the song plays, the next 2 songs show up as downloaded. When I am offline, I can only play the songs that are downloaded, if any exist. I tried deleting the app, and reinstalling it, undownloaded the playlists and re downloaded them, nothing works.


iPhone 8

iOS 14.3

Spotify 8.5.94

Happens to me and my wife (same device and versions).


I’m giving Spotify ~1 month to fix this. Them I’m switching to Apple Music.


You guys want to teach us proper software development and are not able to fix a major bug like this? Come on, get your act together...




@Peter. [still not solved... Same problem EVERY day with my 10Gb of musics... ] 

The problem on Android isnt fixed at all...

I've got Huawei P30 Pro (Latest version) and the latest version of spotify, and it deleted my 10go of musics 4 times today... Fix this ! I have this problem for like a month now...

I mean, this should be the most important thing to fix for you ! Premium is for listening to music without internet but we can't because of that... So premium is useless now 😕


This is happened to me multiple times over the past few months. IOS


IOS 14.3

iPhone XS MAX


It happened to me again ..once more. Now downloading 317 of 2100 songs 😡. Annoying to say the least and not happening for the first time. Interesting that anyhow Spotify reported some 5GB of space occupied prior to downloading again. Also the 'download' switch was set to off (not by me!). 


iOS 14.3


iPhone 11 pro


Happened to me again yesterday, frequently yet sporadically happens. It's not every song in a playlist. Still frustrating having a quiet drive to work (never tuned my car radio) when the playlist worked perfectly fine the day before. Using Android by the way. 


The cold silence from anyone at Spotify regarding this issue really makes me feel like a valued customer!  No updates in 5 months.  Does Spotify even care? 


Probably not, but if they don’t do anything about it soon they will lose a lot of customers to Apple Music, etc. We are paying for a service that we are not receiving, so it is false advertising and could presumably be taken to court as a class action.

Running the latest OS (it just updated this week actually) on a Galaxy S10. This issue has been plaguing me for the last few months when I finally had to switch from Google Play Music (RIP☹️) to Spotify for my daily commute music. Luckily when I recreated the playlist, I mostly grabbed what was already on Spotify, having NO IDEA that my local files would keep getting removed.


What I have noticed is that my files always seem to disappear when I update Spotify... And sometimes my permissions even get changed for Spotify on Android so that it cannot access my storage, again, only after updating Spotify.


So I find it funny that you keep trying to tell us that the solution is to update the app... When that seems to be precisely my problem. I had my local files as of 2 weeks ago, just noticed they were gone now, and OH LOOK Spotify updated sometime in the last week.... I see I have another update so let's see if that finally resolves it? Lol