[All Platforms] Music keeps un-downloading


(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue 

I am soon unsubscribing to this app. I’m paying money for the premium and my songs keep un-downloading. This has happened at least 3 times or more now in the past year. Soon as I get some play list I like, I’ll go into the app on a day where I’m out of service and don’t have data. All the songs will be gone, unable to play because the download erased. Very very frustrating. Seeing how I’m paying for that service and not getting it. 


Hey everyone,


Thanks for reporting this and providing us all the relevant info. 


We've passed your details on to our developers and they have already rolled out several improvements to fix the experience reported. 


We are aware that some users do still experience issues with their downloads, but our tech teams weren't able to reproduce it and this seems to be affecting specific devices or setups, so we're unable to find a solution remotely.


We're continuously improving the app and optimizing it, so we recommend keeping an eye out for future updates to the app, but can't guarantee this will fix the issue.


For now, we'd like to provide some steps which we hope might help:

  • Check out the steps on our support page here
  • Try disabling WiFi assist
  • Check for any settings that could affect the Spotify background data
  • Change the quality of the downloads in the Spotify app

We’d also recommend you try a clean reinstall, which will remove any corrupt data from your device. Just a heads-up, this will remove all your downloads and you'll have to download everything again for offline listening.


It started for me about 2 months ago. I've exhausted every hint/tip in this thread to no avail. I'm running a Galaxy s10 with all songs downloaded to a brand new SD CARD (I bought a new one thinking that was the original problem). 


It started re-downloading my 3500+ song playlists about once a week, and is now up to once every other day. My data-use is skyrocketing because Spotify can't fix their app.


Phone: Galaxy s10

Android version:11

Spotify version:


I've done the following

-bought a new SD Card and installed new SD

-signed out of all devices

-deleted cache multiple times

-uninstalled app and reinstalled app

-allowed all permissions in the app

-denied optimization of battery usage from Spotify (I've tried both options, disabled and allowed, and neither have worked)


Since December, spotify has completely redownload my playlists of 3500 songs atleast 15 times. I'm paying $11/month to spotify for them to add ~$30/month to my cellphone data usage. So I'm losing ~$40 by keeping this app, and it appears that so are many others, with no fix in sight. 


Totally agree. It seems they are just ignoring us even though we are paying for a service we are not receiving.
Totally agree. We are paying for a service we are not receiving. A Class action against Spotify may be appropriate, but this would take a lot of organisation and would it be worth it? Just dice Spotify.
Visitor version of Spotify. Google pixel 2. Having same issue, doesn't seem to be fixed by updating and logging out/in







United States


iPhone 8

Operating System

iOS 14.4

Spotify Update


Local Files Storage Unit

Desktop PC

Operating System

Latest software update for Windows 10 Home edition

Spotify Update

Latest (Can't find the number)


I am having the same issues as you all. My local file playlist, taken from my PC was undownloaded from my iPhone after a Spotify update. Yes, I have tried restarting the app, yes I have tried clearing the cache, yes I have tried downloading over cellularI have tried every single trick including the mobile hotspot, signing out of my account, and even flipping the mobile "local audio files" switch.


Now, my local files do not sync at all. 


I set up to download my music after all the steps Spotify suggests. The download arrow cycles for a split second and I see the songs begin to sync, the sync icon spins and appears on the first songs in the playlist, then the sync wheels disappears and nothing happens after that. The download icon then turns green as if all songs are downloaded. However, nothing is downloaded from my local files.


I will try a clean install soon, but I am almost sure this will not be a fix as I and many users have had this problem for months.


It is extremely bizarre, as downloading my local files worked perfectly fine up until a Spotify update in November of 2020. 


This is an issue with Spotify as a program. It is extremely unfortunate, and hardly worth it for paying customers, that no fix has been found for the iPhone after multiple months of thousands of users with the same issue.


I enjoy using Spotify as my streaming service and for this reason I hope Spotify will quickly discover what is causing the issues with local files and fix the problem.


EDIT: This issue seems to have been resolved with either the latest Spotify app update, or through using a new router. I can redownload my music again! Funny how that works! I will update this post if the issue continues.


Issue has only just popped up after the recent update.




Tried reinstalling and everything. Still won't work.



This is happening to me also.


Every day my songs keep downloading and its driving me insane. I have cleared the cache, deleted the app and reinstalled and even reset my phone (S9+). Music isn't installed on an SD card.



Same problem here still, version of Spotify. The phone is a P9 lite, but I cannot understand how my phone should have this issue when my iPod touch gen 3 DOES NOT have this issue in any way with downloaded playlists.


Edit: I would just like to make an update, went for a walk after putting in the comment here and made sure the playlist was downloaded. Not 10 min into the walk and it had un-downloaded itself again!



Same problems here, android 11 on a Samsung s20 FE, Spotify version, no SD, no mobile downloads activated, problem rarely occurred on my huawei mate 10 pro, android 10 as well. Nearly every time I go out for a run, while I'm listening to my 3500 song Playlist, return home and sometimes part of my downloads are gone. Recently everything was gone. In 3 weeks on the new phone, Spotify has used 48 GB while my music library has 4500 songs or 18 GB... Fortunately, all that happens on wifi and only uses battery life....


Subscribing in hope that it will be fixed soon.... 


I have an Iphone XR and my music keeps downloading every night and then it will be un-downloaded the next day when I head to work. So frustrating. How do I make it stay downloaded?