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[All Platforms] Your Music - Unable to Save

Status: Closed

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Under certain circumstances, Your Music fails to save content correctly. This bug appears to be cross platform and is unrelated to the 10,000 track limit. 


To reproduce:

  1. Start Spotify
  2. Add content to Your Music. 



None - Re-save content or use playlists until issue is resolved. 


Additional information:



If you are having either of these issues please can you post below:

1. Spotify version

2. Operating System (Windows/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android etc.)

3. Exact device you are using.

4. How many songs you have saved in Your Music. Easiest way it to press Ctrl/Cmd+a to highlight all items in Songs in the desktop client then attempt to drag them. You will get a small pop up detailing how many items are selected. Please ensure you have the "Hide Unplayable Tracks" option turned Off in Edit/Spotify > Preferences > Playback before doing this. 





2014-08-18: Added Bug.


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1. Android: and OS X:

2. Android and OS X

3. Samsung Galaxy S5 and MacBook Pro

4. 9100 songs

Ok I have finally hit this I stopped being able to add songs and/or anymore albums at around 9258, at least that is all that would stay in Songs under Your music. I tried to add one more album in that section and it only saved the first song off the album and left everything else off. I even click on the album name and all it was showing was just the first song, and I had to view it from the actual album page to see the rest of the songs on it.



2. Windows 8.1

3. LGL34C Android 4.4 spotify - app ver

4. 9258-9259?


Mac OS X 10.9.2

Safari 7.0.3


9335 songs



1. Version
2. Windows 7
3. -
4. ~9348 songs


1. Version
2. Android 4.3
3. Samsung Galaxy S3
4. ~9348 songs



- Version
- Windows 7 / Windows 8
-  9349 songs


-. Version
-. Android 4.3
- Samsung Galaxy S3
- 9349 songs



- Version
- OSX 10.9.4
-  9270 songs



- Version
- iOS 7.1.2
- iphone 5 

- 9270 songs


please help us Spotify!!



- Version
- OSX 10.9.4
-  9150 songs

Update to my previous bug post. I decided to start fresh and I cleared everything from under Your Music and started again making sure to remove unplayable tracks. I now have playable tracks up to the amount of 9336. I am able to add just three more tracks to Songs making the full count to 9339 but I have been stopped adding anymore full albums to Albums. So that is my limit currently.


Update for question:

4 - 9339


I've reverted to adding everything to playlists. Old skool and frustrating after I had trained myself to use the new My Music feature. Messaged @SpotifyCares and @spotify on twitter and they've been unable to help. I suggest publicly condemnign the 10,000 track limit on twitter and elsewhere to pressure them to remove it. It's evidently related to that as we're all at fairly similar sized collections, not too far from the 10,000 song limit.


I emailed support and they could only suggest I remove ~500 tracks from my collection.  I appreciate their quick response but I don't see the point in doing that since I'd quickly hit the same limit again.


Once you hit the ~9000 track limit Your Music basically becomes unusable.  That's unfortunate.