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Under certain circumstances, Your Music fails to save content correctly. This bug appears to be cross platform and is unrelated to the 10,000 track limit. 


To reproduce:

  1. Start Spotify
  2. Add content to Your Music. 



None - Re-save content or use playlists until issue is resolved. 


Additional information:



If you are having either of these issues please can you post below:

1. Spotify version

2. Operating System (Windows/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android etc.)

3. Exact device you are using.

4. How many songs you have saved in Your Music. Easiest way it to press Ctrl/Cmd+a to highlight all items in Songs in the desktop client then attempt to drag them. You will get a small pop up detailing how many items are selected. Please ensure you have the "Hide Unplayable Tracks" option turned Off in Edit/Spotify > Preferences > Playback before doing this. 





2014-08-18: Added Bug.


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super lame

Spotify need to up their game.


Ha, I'm a poet now it would seem.





1. Spotify Desktop V & Spotify for Android v.

2. Mac OS X & Android v 4.4.4

3. Apple Macbook Pro & Motorola Moto X

4. 9279 tracks


1. Mac, iOS

2. Mac, iOS

3. Macbook Pro, iPhone 5S

4. 9335


So we're nearing a week on this issue in a pretty substantial feature of Spotify. This is one of the reasons why I switch away from Spotify from time-to-time as I can't stand how slow the resolution of bugs is.

I do fear since this issue is as close as makes no difference to the 10,000 track limit it won't be fixed in any great hurry.

I've never seen Spotify be quick to fix anything.


1., as well as the last two updates, at the very least
2. Mac OS X 10.8.5, Windows Vista
3. Macbook Pro, ASUS desktop PC
4. 9134 


I can still save albums with iOS 7.


Stil trouble with the latest Desktop-Version

1. Version
2. Windows 7
3. -
4. ~9348 songs


@Peter wrote:

I do fear since this issue is as close as makes no difference to the 10,000 track limit it won't be fixed in any great hurry.

That would be truly unfortunate for it not to be fixed anytime soon, considering it's basically the equivalent of lowering the track limit to about 9,000 with no warning whatsoever well after we've had lots of time to work towards that 10,000 limit we've been told we had. A 1,000 track difference is pretty significant in my opinion. I was prepared to deal with the 10k limit whenever I got to that point, but this is super frustrating.


Also, I posted most of these details elsewhere, but just for the record here are my specs:


1. Spotify version for Android:; for Windows

2. OS: Android 4.4.2 and Windows 8.1

3. Mobile device is a Samsung Galaxy S4

4. 9,053 songs



Just to add to this, I tried deleting some albums, much as I hated to do so, so that I could get the song count under 9,000. I restarted Spotify on my desktop, checked the song count, and it's now at 9,052. Before I restarted the program, it was definitely fewer than 9,000. I'm not sure what's happening, as I tried searching for songs I'd deleted and they're not there anymore. I also cannot save anything back. Considering removing tracks just leads to more bugs, looks like Your Music is pretty much broken for me.