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Under certain circumstances, Your Music fails to save content correctly. This bug appears to be cross platform and is unrelated to the 10,000 track limit. 


To reproduce:

  1. Start Spotify
  2. Add content to Your Music. 



None - Re-save content or use playlists until issue is resolved. 


Additional information:



If you are having either of these issues please can you post below:

1. Spotify version

2. Operating System (Windows/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android etc.)

3. Exact device you are using.

4. How many songs you have saved in Your Music. Easiest way it to press Ctrl/Cmd+a to highlight all items in Songs in the desktop client then attempt to drag them. You will get a small pop up detailing how many items are selected. Please ensure you have the "Hide Unplayable Tracks" option turned Off in Edit/Spotify > Preferences > Playback before doing this. 





2014-08-18: Added Bug.


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Hey everyone, thanks for bringing your questions regarding Your Music to the Community. Some of you have mentioned you're unsaving albums/songs after hitting the Your Music limit. You're then still unable to save new tracks/ albums.


First, it's important to understand that saving an album counts as the track total + 1 album. For example, if you save Diiv – Oshin with 13 tracks it counts as 14 items in Your Music (13 tracks + 1 album). If you're saving just one song it counts as 1 item.


Secondly, it seems a very, very small percentage of users were able to save slightly beyond 10,000. This is why you've been unable to save new albums after deleting a few. For example, if you were able to save 10,600 items, unsaving a few albums will still put you beyond the 10,000 limit. For now you'll need to continue unsaving items until you can save again. If we have an update on this we will post here but we don't have a timeline for any updates at the moment.


We'll keep you updated on this as often as we can--thanks everyone!


The 10k limit for "Your Music" is arbitrary and pointless. It's not like we are actually saving the songs/albums. We're simply saving a link to them. So why cap how many links we can save to Spotify's music library? "Your Music" is just a glorified playlist. A LIST.

Seems silly, especially when competing services let me upload 25,000-50,000 songs of my own and also allow me to "save" as many songs/albums from their streaming library as I want. Users shouldn't have to do this dance of deleting and adding and guessing with their Spotify music collection. We shouldn't have to comb over these forums looking for answers and reasons that still aren't clear or resolved.

I love Spotify and want to continue using it, but if I can't save any more music to my personal collection then that's a dealbreaker for me, and probably for many others as well. If a new release comes out and I want to save it, I guess I just have to remove some classic album from my music collection that I love? Does that seem reasonable? This issue has been discussed for over a year and still no good reason has been provided as to why it persists.

Good luck to everyone, and hopefully Spotify comes to its senses soon! There's other fish in the stream! 😉


I don't have 10,000 songs and it keeps dumping my recently saved songs out.  As of now I have 9,484 and every new album I add it goes into the songs at first but by the next day, it's gone.  Is that what's going on with everyone else?  Or is it just not letting you add them from the beginning?  


Anyway, this stinks.  10,000 is silly.  That's around 1000 albums.  I have more CD's than that.  This barely covers my old music collection much less anything new I want to add.  Listening to all my "songs" on random is one of my greatest pleasures but having to limit it seems ludicrous.  


same issue for me. i'll definitively pass to apple music!

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