All saved albums now empty

As of today all of my saved albums now just show "There are no songs from this album in your library", hundreds of saved albums are now just blank. Re-saving them makes them come back. What gives? Not wanting to click save on a few hundred albums.

Hey there folks, 


We really appreciate your patience and reports so far.


This should be fixed. Make sure to try a quick reinstall if that doesn't do the trick for you.


However, if you're still having troubles seeing empty albums or a green loading circle, we'd recommend reaching out to our support teams so that they can take a look backstage for you.



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Dang, I'm still getting e-mail notifications from this thread and nothing has been done about it. Great service Spotify, you make me want to go back to limewire.


Una mentira, me pasa eso hace meses u ni bola. Nunca lo solucionaron y siempre me decían que haga lo mismo.


Hi, right row i’m having that issue, but on my library appears only a few albums, not all of them. And on Artists it doesn’t show my songs but on my Songs they do appear. Can someone help me?

Music Fan

This problem seems to reappear. I see a black pages for all the saved albums, when entering via, the artist.... 


I think the problem has FINALLY been solved with the latest update. I can like albums without liking every single track within an album. I can remove the liked songs from the liked albums so the "Liked Songs" playlist is normal again. 

My library is back to normal. Only took 5 months. Cheeeeeeeeeers!

Mine seems to be back to normal again.