All saved albums now empty

As of today all of my saved albums now just show "There are no songs from this album in your library", hundreds of saved albums are now just blank. Re-saving them makes them come back. What gives? Not wanting to click save on a few hundred albums.

Hey there folks, 


We really appreciate your patience and reports so far.


This should be fixed. Make sure to try a quick reinstall if that doesn't do the trick for you.


However, if you're still having troubles seeing empty albums or a green loading circle, we'd recommend reaching out to our support teams so that they can take a look backstage for you.



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Casual Listener

 Same result.


Windows 10 and IOS



Almost all saved albums on PC looks like this now - the entire albums were saved and now have nothing:




And it's fixed! New update pushed just now. I had to uninstall and reinstall but it's back loading albums! 


Scratch that. Sure it was working on when I reinstalled but then I downloaded some albums for offline listening and then it wouldn't load albums again!!!! Let me know how you all get on....

Casual Listener

Thank you for taking the time to try to help me.  As I said before, this problem is occurring on all my devices which also include an iPhone and an iMac.  The problem is the same on both iOS devices with the just a blank gray square and circle in place of the album cover and no save button.  On the macOS device the album cover is there as is the save button, but no songs and the message: "You haven't saved anything from [album title]. Save this album to keep it in Your Library."


If I hadn't already saved the album it wouldn't be listed or shown under "Albums" in "Your Library" to begin with.  It is not all albums that I have saved, probably well less than half but a significant number nonetheless and appears random with regard to when the album was saved or the album name.  However it does appear that where I have more than one album saved by a particular artist, it happens with all of that artist's albums. Since this is happening on both iOS devices and on my Mac (all of which have up to date OS's and Spotify App's), I would think it is some problem with my account. This is somewhat suspicious since I just upgraded from a single Premium acct. to a Family Premium acct. last week though I don't know if that has anything to do with it.


One thing I accidentally discovered while trying to do a screen shot on the iPad so I could attach it is that if I use either the "top" button on the iPad or right side button on my iPhone to lock the device while the app screen with the issue is open, when I unlock the device it then shows the actual album cover (rather than blank gray cover) and adds the Save button even though it still does not list the songs and has the same message about saving the album if I want I want to keep it in my library.


I had noticed while searching online for a solution that someone a couple of years ago in 2016 had received this same message and someone with Spotify replied that it was a new experimental feature they were trying in order to "streamline" the users music library for them and asked for feedback which I can only imagine though that was not posted.  The other thing I have noted on this forum is people complaining that in their list of "Saved Songs" Spotify was now displaying all the albums from which those songs derived.  I have noticed where I used to only have a few individually saved songs, now under my Saved Songs it shows every song from every saved album.


I wish there were someone at Spotify I could communicate with about this but I guess that's not possible even though they are now collecting $15/ month from me?  Anyway I appreciate any insights that your or any other forum members may have as this is quite a frustrating development with what is otherwise a very good service.  I have attached a screenshot from my iPad that shows the app screen at issue.  Thanks again.



Casual Listener




Spotify app version no. and the previous was that I had updated yesterday.


Casual Listener

Also tried turning devices off and back on as you suggested and also tried on cellular as well as wifi, but nothing solves this problem.  Sorry for multiple posts but forum software didn't like something in original single post.


I'm having the same problem. The issue is with Favorite Songs vs. Albums, in that they are now the same data with different filters. I resaved a few albums, then checked Favorite Songs and everything I resaved was listed there as individual tracks.

It therefore looks like a deliberate design choice, which needs to be rolled back because the new system effectively makes useless whichever feature you use most. I like having Favorite Songs as a separate thing, where I save songs I like from albums I otherwise don't. The Albums table is for albums I like in their entirety. I'd bet that most Spotify users do the same thing.


It's the same on Samsung tablet, Samsung phone, Dell laptop and Sony Vaio all-in-one. Not device related then.

Hope Spotify can sort this out quickly - it would never have happened with a pile of cds or records. I have updated Spotify, reinstalled it, logged in and logged out and logged in again, to no avail.


I am having the same problem  


Samsung J7  


Can someone please help me fix this or tell me how to fix it. I have restarted my phone I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and I have signed out and back in and it still hasn't fixed the problem. I have several albums missing that I had saved and now I cant get them all back.


"Albums" in my Library don't load. It's not empty nor does it show any errors, it just never stops loading (showing the green circle animation).


I tried restarting the phone, cleared app cache and storage, still nothing.

* Device: OnePlus 6

* OS Version: OxygenOS 9.0.3
* Spotify app version:

* Country: Poland


Update: It's actually a different issue: