All songs gone

Status: Closed

Device: All: Apple iPad Air, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Lenovo Laptop, Dell Desktop


Operating System Version: iOS9, iOS9, Windows 10, Windows 8.1


Spotify Version:


Description: All my songs are gone. I begun re-adding some, but all of them have disappears as if they've all been removed.


To reproduce:

  1. ???




Additional information:



I'm Glad you have your songs back 🙂

Status changed to: Closed

Hey @maillig


That doesn't sound nice, lets try figure this out:


Have you connected your account to Facebook? if you have could you please sign in via Facebook and check if your songs are back? if you are logging in via Facebook could you please try logging in using your username/email?


I Hope To Hear From You Soon! 🙂


Hi @jean3601, my songs are now showing up in the desktop app, but the iOS mobile app is only showing songs that I've added post-this issue.


I have connected my Facebook account.




mmm okay lets try fix the iOS app 🙂


Could you try:


  1. Logging out of the app
  2. Closing the app in the app switcher (Double click home button and slide the Spotify app up)
  3. Open Spotify again and try Logging in again

Does this fix the problem?


@jean3601 tried that and it didn't work. I completely uninstalled and reinstalled the app and now the issue is resolved. Thank you!

Status changed to: Closed

I'm Glad you have your songs back 🙂