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[Amazon Alexa] Music Stop after 5 songs






Amazon Echo Dot - Italy

Operating System


My Question or Issue

 After 5 songs (playlist, album or other) Amazon Alexa stop music and I have to start again music using voice, Spotify app or Alexa app. If during this 5 songs I skip the track no problem for other 5 songs and at the end of the 5th stops again. From other devices no problem at all. The Amazon support don't know how to solve the problem. They are analyzing it and suggest also to contact Spotify. Any ideas?

Hey everyone!


Thanks for the recent comments and examples. Rest assured these have all been passed along! 


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend you follow the steps below, if this is something you're experiencing:

  • Restart your router
  • Reinstall the app on your mobile device
  • Reinstall the Alexa app
  • Reset the Alexa dot (read here how)
  • Relink your Spotify account to the Alexa app. You can see here how

Many thanks for bearing with us, while this is being looked into!


Hello Peter,

I made a video for you.

Maybe this way you can understand the issue...




Hey @cmventura and @Nazario


Thank you for providing us with the steps and the video. Can you also let us know if this happens with specific playlists? Do you play from your own playlists, Spotify-curated playlists, or albums? And does it matter if the music is saved in your library?




Any update on this? Still happening and it's so frustrating


In my case, the problem disappeared for a while, but I don't listen music so often, so I cannot be sure.


I went to the "applications" menupoint in my spotify account. There were actually two Alexa things linked, so I unlinked both to be sure. After re-linking Alexa, it is only one entry here so the other one was something else. However, after this I still got the issue.


The other thing (which probably caused this issue) is that I'm using OpenHab software for Home automation. This software has an Alexa plugin which is able to get a lot of information doing by the Echo Dot. This application made several request towards the Amazon server (or towards the Echo dot). I know it, because in the log files of the application, I can see log entries in every second like "Echo dot is streaming music XY seconds". I also see in the logs that sometimes there are errors about refusing connection by the Amazon server (or timeout). Finally I have stopped using this addon, because I believe that it has spammed the Amazon server (or my router) by its requests and maybe after a period of time, the Amazon server simply refused the request of the Echo Dot towards Spotify.


Hi support,

If you're looking for a clue to solving this:  I no longer have the issue.  I have not changed anything on my account.  A clue might be in recent changes to the servers which service.  I was still having this issue a few weeks back.

Music stopped twice or thrice today. I'm listening to Discover Weekly.

Hey, try checking 'sleeping apps' in your settings. I was having the exact same issue, not listening through Alexa though, I spoke to someone on live chat and they suggested this fix. I don't know how Spotify ended up on my sleeping apps list but I took it off the list and fixed the issue.


Where can i check "sleeping apps" on my iPhone?



I tried everything to fix this with no luck but yesterday one of the customer service associates from amazon was able to help me. Apparently this isn't a bug but something that's programmed into the alexa software. For third party music streaming services, Alexa will automatically pause the music after a certain period of time if there are no user inputs. To prevent this, simply tell Alexa a specific length of time to play the music. For example, say "Alexa, shuffle beach playlist on spotify for 8 hours".

So far this has worked like a charm! A little cumbersome but it works.


Thankfully this hasn't happened again in a while on my Echo. It did happen one time on my google home several weeks ago. Overall though im happy this didnt become a nuisance.