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[Amazon Alexa] Music Stop after 5 songs






Amazon Echo Dot - Italy

Operating System


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 After 5 songs (playlist, album or other) Amazon Alexa stop music and I have to start again music using voice, Spotify app or Alexa app. If during this 5 songs I skip the track no problem for other 5 songs and at the end of the 5th stops again. From other devices no problem at all. The Amazon support don't know how to solve the problem. They are analyzing it and suggest also to contact Spotify. Any ideas?

Hey everyone!


Thanks for the recent comments and examples. Rest assured these have all been passed along! 


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend you follow the steps below, if this is something you're experiencing:

  • Restart your router
  • Reinstall the app on your mobile device
  • Reinstall the Alexa app
  • Reset the Alexa dot (read here how)
  • Relink your Spotify account to the Alexa app. You can see here how

Many thanks for bearing with us, while this is being looked into!


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Thanks for providing us with those updates 🙂


We're glad to hear that you were able to find some solutions to this issue. Just to recap:

@lukevenable suggested that you need to "simply tell Alexa a specific length of time to play the music. For example, say "Alexa, shuffle beach playlist on spotify for 8 hours"

@Mitchell7 said "I don't know how Spotify ended up on my sleeping apps list but I took it off the list and fixed the issue."

Could any other users still experiencing this issue try the above solutions and let us know which one (if any) fixes it?

Thanks! We'll be looking out for your replies 🙂


Ok, i will try! Thanks



Unfortunately it's the same, if I say"Ok Google put 2 hours of music" it reply: ok I will put music. And after some songs it stop.

So we are in the same place that when this forum was created.

Are you doing something to solve it? I even recorded a video for you but nothing.

If you want to reproduce it just go to the shop and buy an LG wk7



@Nazario This issue is with Alexa devices, not google devices. You may want to reach out to google support



This is a Spotify issue, both with Alexa and Google, it's not happening with other apps like YouTube music. There are more comments regarding not only Alexa here, also I already reached out Google support that told me that it's an Spotify issue.



Plan: Premium

Country: USA

Device: Alexa Spotify Connect, dots, shows, echo, multi room Alexa speakers

Spotify ver 8.5.19

iPhone XS, iOS 12.4

Linksys Velop mesh router 3 nodes.


My Question or Issue


Anyone help fix this: When listening to music on Alexa multi room speakers using Spotify connect Spotify randomly stops playing. Mostly only part of 1 song will play, it's random as to how long it will play, but it will always happens. The progress bar continues but there's no sound. I can pause, then un-pause, or scrub forward or start a new song, it will start playing again for a little while, then stops again. Also, if I let the song continue to “play” with no sound Spotify will not advance to the next song in the playlist. The problem repeats on the everywhere group devices as well as the living room group of Alexa devices. When I play a song on any single Alexa device the problem does not happen. Now for more weirdness, sometime when the audio stops it will still play on the bedroom show and bathroom echo, but not always, and that they will eventually stop audio as well. If you ask Alex what’s playing she will correctly answer, but no music, ask her to pause and then play, sound comes back. And lastly if you do nothing, sometimes 10 or 15 minutes later it will start audio playback on a different song in the playlist for a bit, then stop again. I have a 100 Mbps connection so this can't be the problem. This is a new issue. Been running multi room playback on Alexa for at least a year with no problems. Problem started about 2 weeks ago. Also, tried creating a new multi room group in the Alexa app, added two devices and called it Lounge.  Lounge does not appear as an option under connect to a device in the Spotify app. I have restarted all the Alexa devices. There has been no change to my equipment, no new devices. No luck. This is a big issue. I have converted the entire house to Spotify and Alexa multiroom. Help.




i will ask alexa to play an artist from spotify using the echo dot gen 2


it will play a few songs and then stop.


if i ask alexa "next track" it repeats the same song that just played.  i can ask next track again and it wil play the next song, but will then stop playing once that song is finished.


i used the alexa app to remove spotify permissions


i logged onto spotify web app and removed alexa device


i re-issued permission on alexa app to re-link spotify


i've unplugged and restarted the echo dot numerous times


nothing works.


I just hit the shuffle button on my Alexa App player this worked for me.  hope this works for someone else!   🙂


I used Google Home Mini linked with my Spotify Premium account and it worked fine, it played songs continuously. However, since I got the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen it only plays ONE SONG via Spotify and then stops. If I ask it to play next song it does nothing, does not even respond. If I say 'play Artist Name RADIO' then it will play songs continuously. But if I just say 'play Artist Name' then it only plays ONE SONG, saying 'play my Spotify playlist called Playlist Name' does not work either.


I am having the same issue with both and Amazon echo and and echo auto. It does not happen when playing from computer, direct from phone, or on roku, so it is not a network issue.