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[Amazon Alexa] Music Stop after 5 songs






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 After 5 songs (playlist, album or other) Amazon Alexa stop music and I have to start again music using voice, Spotify app or Alexa app. If during this 5 songs I skip the track no problem for other 5 songs and at the end of the 5th stops again. From other devices no problem at all. The Amazon support don't know how to solve the problem. They are analyzing it and suggest also to contact Spotify. Any ideas?

Hey everyone!


Thanks for the recent comments and examples. Rest assured these have all been passed along! 


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend you follow the steps below, if this is something you're experiencing:

  • Restart your router
  • Reinstall the app on your mobile device
  • Reinstall the Alexa app
  • Reset the Alexa dot (read here how)
  • Relink your Spotify account to the Alexa app. You can see here how

Many thanks for bearing with us, while this is being looked into!


I am a very unhappy costumer!!!! 
my **** amazon echo plus speaker keeps stoping the music after one fracking song. Not to mention when I dare to ask Alexa to play next song or new song she completely stops playing all together. It’s clear I’m not the only person with this issue which only provides relief knowing it wasn’t me who **bleep** up my expensive speaker when I got it. However what in the **** is point of spending all this money on all these darn “supposedly smart” AI inventions if the **bleep** doesn’t work??? It’s BS!! They need to fix this fracking problem or start refunding consumers money for the devices and monthly subscriptions or I can almost guarantee they will start to see lawsuits in the near future!!    ANYBODY WITH ME?????!


So after two long years now everything was provided to solve this and you set it to not right now? Are you kidding? I will look into another provider now. If you would work on it awesome but this ...


Not working for me either. Just randomly stops. Could be 1 song or multiple. Thread is nearly 2 years old and still no solution? 


Spent two hours on a chat with amazon tech support. And none of them had any idea that this is a issue or had a resolve for this. Had no issues with google system groups. Just wanted to try this at work because of the aux out option that google got rid of.


Same issue, my echo stops streaming all the time :(((((


I have been suffering through this problem for a long time now as well.  I’m really starting to think Amazon might intentionally not want to fix it because they would rather have you pay for Amazon music than spotify.  I can’t believe Amazon support doesn’t advise people to do the one thing that makes a difference, though.  This problem still exists for me but it helps to make sure your devices are all on one network.  I have a mesh router and it has 2.5ghz and 5ghz Wi-Fi bands.  I had some devices using 5ghz for obvious reasons but try and set everything to use the 2.4ghz band and see if that helps.  


@Xenia  and any other mods;

After long last, I have found the solution!!!! I upgraded my aging wifi router to a new eero router recently and I have had zero problems with the songs stopping. After getting multiple echos, a ring alarm system, and everyone in the family having multiple devices streaming at once we started having bandwidth problems. Wifi was spotty around the house, so I decided to buy a new eero router and extender with the new wifi standard, Wifi 6.  Apparently Wifi 6 has better technology that works way better with multiple devices on a network. I think I paid $199, worth every penny now that music is streaming effortlessly throughout the house. It probably doesn't hurt that eero is an Amazon company, so the echos work well with the router.  

Spotify and Amazon should put an asterisk with their "works with amazon echo" sales pitch and make sure to write that you need a robust, newer wifi network for multiple room audio to work. 


Actually it has been working for me for the past few weeks. They must have done something on their side. I still have the same wifi (UniFi).


Still a no go for me. 12 different Amazon devices that now do not work. I have done this procedure recommended. No success. Problem still persists. Again did router restart, complete uninstall and reinstall of Spotify per instructions. Erase and reinstall Alexa. Relink everything and no luck. I have NOT factory reset the 12 Amazon devices. Guess I will re do EVERYTHING and factory reset ALL my Amazon devices... that is a bit of work, if that dies not work I may lose my mind.  

Don't waste your time. It's hopeless