[Android 11] Playback keeps pausing/skipping when screen is off on Android 11




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Google Pixel 4a

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Android 11


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Since updating to Android 11 yesterday, Spotify audio playback stutters horribly when the device display is locked. Restarts/reinstalls do not fix the issue.

Hey everyone,


We appreciate your reporting this and providing us with the relevant info.


Based on the reports we have received and the investigation conducted, it seems like this is affecting many other apps besides Spotify. 


From the information we were able to gather, since many other apps are not behaving as expected, this is most likely an issue outside of our control. We suggest to install new Android updates as soon as they become available for the newest fixes to your OS.


Please note, that this issue is specifically for Android 11 and has been investigated by our teams as such. For anyone experiencing similar symptoms on other OS versions, it's best to post in a separate thread so we can look into what's happening separately. We'd also recommend checking this support site article in case that's what you're experiencing.


For more info about what the different Ongoing Issues statuses mean, check this Spotify Answer.


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Same issue here on pixel 3a with android 11:

* music stutter when screen lock. Unlocking to keep a good music experience is anoying (and drain battery)

* music sometimes doesn't stop at all (I have to force stop the app from android settings)

Update to latest version didn't help. The "don't optimize battery" setting didn't help as well.

Please spotify do something!


I have the same issue! It took me a while to figure out it was the lock screen that was causing the problem. First, I thought it was because I recently downgraded to Spotify free. Then, I thought it was my wifi. But then it started happening with other music apps, too, and then I found this forum. Now, I'm sure it's the Android 11 update. I've had nothing but issues with my phone since I "upgraded" to Android 11. I have a Google Pixel 3a. My workaround for now is to set my screen timeout to 30 minutes (unfortunately the longest possible option on my phone). And wake it up every 30 minutes. Hopefully a fix happens soon!


Same problem. Seems to be a Bluetooth related problem. Have tried three different headphones, two different cars and the problem appears on every device.


When I plug in my phone with a cable and uses android auto everything works fine again. But with bluetooth it keeps clipping every few minutes. Frustrating as **bleep**.


I have this same issue on pixel 3a. Happens on or off Bluetooth device connection. Seems to be related lockscreen buy after a bit of testing I can confirm it's not, it seems more related to general use of the phone. I can set my screen time out to 30 min, still starts studdering then drops audio after 5 min or so. Its really bad with podcasts. It stops if I pick up the phone and touch the screen though. It's def a prob caused by the upgrade to android 11. Strongly considering downgrading until this gets fixed but some attention by spotify would be great.


Same problem, very annoying and it's the primary purpose for Spotify. Updated to Android 11 now music stutters or goes completely silent when playing over Bluetooth. Occurs on both locked and unlocked screens. Have changed battery settings but doesn't help. Running on Pixel 3a. 


Same issue here on Pixel 3a Android 11. Happens when connecting 3.5mm but no problem on connecting car bluetooth.


Have the same problem on Pixel 3a running Android 11. So have been investigating.

Android 11 had a load of digital wellbeing features including a "do not disturb" that suppresses notifications.

I went to Settings > Sound > Advanced  > Do not Disturb > Apps > Add an App. Then added Spotify and switched on "Playback" and "Spotify Music".

  1. No stutter when I blank screen. Haven't tried it for a long period of time. But something for people to try?

Same issue, Pixel 3a with Android 11 update and latest spotify.


Please Fix.


Hey, reposting following about a week of testing a workaround.

Apparently this is a bluetooth problem rather than spotify problem, as I've had not encountered the lockscreen-stutter problem when using spotify connect (which works on wifi rather than bluetooth, as far as I know).

So, my workaround is to disable battery optimization of the Bluetooth app.

Go to settings=>apps & notifications=>advanced (at bottom), special app access=>battery optimization. This'll open the not-optimized app list. If bluetooth isn't on that list, switch to "all apps" list on top, and there select bluetooth and check the "don't optimize" option. That's all.

Should note that I have also disabled battery optimization on the spotify app, though, as I said, I'm pretty sure the problem derives from bluetooth settings and not spotify settings. 

Hope this helps 😄



Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us and sharing your experience with the app on Android 11.


We've passed your feedback on to the right folks in the developer team. In order to get to the root cause of the issue quicker, we ask you to try the solutions that @joner847 and @Mundiba and let us know in the comments if they worked for you.


Keep us posted, we'll be keeping an eye out for your replies.