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Android 7.0 and Bluetooth

Status: Closed

After updating my Sony Xperia X Android 7.0, so not all functions via Bluetooth in the car when I lussnar on Spotify.
What does not work anymore is changing songs and information about the current song on the radio in the car. This worked before with Android version 6.x
After the phone call with the Sony support they think the problem lies in the Spotify app version that is not designed for Android 7.0
Play music, adjust the volume and call functions as usual.

Hey all! 


Thanks for your feedback. As we haven't seen any recent reports, we're going to close this thread. If you're still having trouble, try the following steps: 


  1. clean reinstallation
  2. Make sure that both your Spotify and Android version are up to date 

Cheers 🙂 


I did some resurch and it seems like its a Android update issue. It might only be with xperia phones but not sure. I have the same problem and it's realy annoing when I'm running out side.

Hopefully the next OS patch will fix it.


personal update.

I restored my Xperia xz using companion app and changed the language setting to English.(It was previously japanese)

Bluetooth seems to be ok for now.

Make sure you back up everything befor restoring.

Status changed to: Closed

Hey @Sassolini


Thanks for the help @Shin123


@Sassolini, can you try the steps @Shin123 suggested? Let us know if that helps. 


We'll be here if anything goes sideways. 


2nd day update.

Unfortunatelly Bluetooth issue is back.

The above method does not work.

The only solution I can see now to downgrade the os.

it is getting to much hassle for me so im giving up.

Good luck @Sassolini 

Let me know if you find anything.

Ok and thanks for your truble.

Hi @Shin123! Thanks for letting us know that. 


If it's possible, can you try using a different Android device that's also using the 7.0 version to see if the issue persists? 


Keep us posted. 


Unfortunately I have no other device with version 7 that I can test with.

No worries @Sassolini!


Just to confirm, is this happening only when using Bluetooth on your car o with other devices as well? If necessary, a clean reinstall could help with this. Just follow the steps in here and let us know how it goes.


Take care!


At this point I'm pretty sure that this issue is related to the OS. It's the same with other music playing apps and I've seen reports form other users with diffferent divices with the same issue after updatig to Android 7.0

I would sudgest reporting to the phone maniacture or Android support.

They are probably the only gusy how can fix this.