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[Android] Albums won't load






Samsung S9

Operating System

Android 10


For aboiut 6-8 weeks, I have been getting only a black loading screen in the app, when I select an album, playlist, etc. form a conducted search. I have already tried all the basic troubleshooting steps (deleting cache, clearing data, reinstalling app, WiFi vs. cellular, etc.). Clearing data/ reinstalling app work, although only for about one day when clearing data/ reinstalling app have to be repeated.

I have attached a screen to explain what I mean by black loading screen.

Hey there folks,


Thanks for bearing with us while we were looking into this!


Keep in mind that this can happen when loading pages containing a lot of content, for example multiple chapters in audiobooks.


However, we've passed your reports to the right teams who will be continuing to improve the functionality of the app. To make sure you don't miss the latest fixes and improvements, we'd recommend keeping your devices and app up to speed with the latest updates available.


In the meanwhile, we'll be setting this Ongoing Issue as Not Right Now. We'll also keep you posted here if we have any further info to share.


Thanks again!


I'm having the same issue here as well and after reading through the whole thread I have to say: I'm just shocked about the customer service.

This is not a simple functionality not working or some minor inconveniences, it's the whole app being unusable due to the problems. And all that is done is "not right now"? The issues appear for hundreds, maybe thousands of users for a few months now and many have canceled their subscription just because of no fix being in sight.

Is >8 months normal to fix problems with heavy impact? 

I'm a premium user for I think six years now and could always look over smaller hiccups and issues. 

But the current situation and how it is handled by spotify just disappoints me. 


Huawei Mate 20 Pro

WiFi and 4G

No SD card


PS: The problems seem to be either connected to accounts or the app version. An older version of the app at the end of last year (on the same device) worked fine, at least regarding this topic. 








My Question or Issue

It happens since the beginning, but today I've decided that I'm done with this.
From time to time, like... every couple days, when I choose some album to play, it shows all the songs like they're available (and they are), but I click the play button and nothing happens. 
So I have to shut it down and open again and only then I can play the songs.


I wonder why is that, because every time it happens with available albuns and songs. Songs I've heard before on Spotify. I don't wanna keep shutting down and restarting the app every time.

Is there any solution or explanation for that?

Thanks in advance.  

I have this problem the hole ladt year. Even you describe ... in the last
few days it is getting worst. I have no solution. I am sorry for that.
Stay healthy.

I have the same problem. The problem exists now for a couple of months and it seems that Spotify have no idea.

Yes, i trinken that is the point...

I am using premium as well, and I've had problems with the app's responsiveness for years, but I think in the last months it has become worse. 

Opening a podcast takes about a minute, no matter whether I am using wifi or mobile data. It definitely makes spotify less enjoyable. 


My Spotify account is also extremely laggy, no matter what device is being used - it's horribly slow on my Android phone, Windows 10 PC and on my Sony TV. Absolutely no progress on this issue for years


I work in IT as a service manager - maybe you should hire me to get things sorted? The current situation is just unacceptable. What are you waiting for - to see bad press and users leaving?


First i couldn't load artists ( it says something went wrong try again) only albums and playlists playlists, now shuffle also doesn't work anymore so if a playlist shows up as only play with shuffle I can't play. This all limits to what I can hear to and is very frustrating.



Cannot understand why an issue like this can be labeled as 'not right now'. For affected users spotify is unusable! This is in no was a nice to have Feature request but a severe Bug that needs urgent fixiert. Can you please provide an upddate? Thank you.


Having the same problems for weeks now. But nothing happens. Think about leaving Spotify and have a look for another music provider with a well working app... 😞