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[Android] Albums won't load






Samsung S9

Operating System

Android 10


For aboiut 6-8 weeks, I have been getting only a black loading screen in the app, when I select an album, playlist, etc. form a conducted search. I have already tried all the basic troubleshooting steps (deleting cache, clearing data, reinstalling app, WiFi vs. cellular, etc.). Clearing data/ reinstalling app work, although only for about one day when clearing data/ reinstalling app have to be repeated.

I have attached a screen to explain what I mean by black loading screen.

Hey there folks,


Thanks for bearing with us while we were looking into this!


Keep in mind that this can happen when loading pages containing a lot of content, for example multiple chapters in audiobooks.


However, we've passed your reports to the right teams who will be continuing to improve the functionality of the app. To make sure you don't miss the latest fixes and improvements, we'd recommend keeping your devices and app up to speed with the latest updates available.


In the meanwhile, we'll be setting this Ongoing Issue as Not Right Now. We'll also keep you posted here if we have any further info to share.


Thanks again!


Any update on this? Does it make sense to renew my subscription and become premium again or does the issue still exist?

The albums are loading now, this problem is in my opinion solved. For me
works it again. I have already hold my premium account.


Premium Family




Oneplus One

Operating System

Android 11


For me the problem is stronger than ever.

I use Spotify on two identical smartphones. The first I use myself mainly for  music, the other one my kids use with their account for audiobooks.

The music device runs smoothly, the audiobook device is a slow and buggy desaster. (Identical phone and system!)


How can this be? And how can there be no working idea from Spotify so far? If you read the comments on play store, lots and lots of users have this issue.


This all started for me about 3 months ago, when you blew up the app with far too much content.


Ok so for a little while everything seem to work search artists albums etc. But now search does´nt work at all anymore whenever I type something it says error and even can´t search for albums, this is very annoyingimage.png


For a little while everything worked search artists albums etc. Now suddenly search doesn´t work at all anymore before albums would work not artists now I just get an error.Screenshot 2021-07-25 11.15.10.pngNow search doesn´t work at all  anymore very annoying


Update: strangely my app on chromebook has this problem but if use spotify browser online then I don´t have this problem


I am also suffering from this issue, and exactly like every issue I face with Spotify, I come to this forum (as this is apparently their version of tech support???) and see that others have been experiencing the same for years - this is not the only thread on this issue, by a long way!!!


As a software engineer of 15 years+, I see how the standards have dropped, and still I have to say I can't think of anyone who could possibly have pride in their work if this is what they produce.


It's simple guys, so please stop making it complicated, and for the first time in years - try to provide the service that you advertise.


Any update here? I have still the problem and no useful feedback from Spotify - really annoying.


For me the problem here was situated in the account itself.

Delelting one of my family accounts and set it up again resolved the problem.


Seems like it happens from time to time as I had to do it again three month after the reset.


@Rokkford I have only a single account, how can I create a new account and take over data from the existing one?


I don't know, sorry...

I only had the problem with my family account.