[Android] Albums won't load

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Samsung S9

Operating System

Android 10


For aboiut 6-8 weeks, I have been getting only a black loading screen in the app, when I select an album, playlist, etc. form a conducted search. I have already tried all the basic troubleshooting steps (deleting cache, clearing data, reinstalling app, WiFi vs. cellular, etc.). Clearing data/ reinstalling app work, although only for about one day when clearing data/ reinstalling app have to be repeated.

I have attached a screen to explain what I mean by black loading screen.

Hey there folks,


Thanks for bearing with us while we were looking into this!


Keep in mind that this can happen when loading pages containing a lot of content, for example multiple chapters in audiobooks.


However, we've passed your reports to the right teams who will be continuing to improve the functionality of the app. To make sure you don't miss the latest fixes and improvements, we'd recommend keeping your devices and app up to speed with the latest updates available.


In the meanwhile, we'll be setting this Ongoing Issue as Not Right Now. We'll also keep you posted here if we have any further info to share.


Thanks again!


Same Problem for me.

Galaxy S9+


It is not about the pages content.

After changing to 4-5 sides you cant even load the in App Settings section.


And it does not matzer of you have wifi or mobile internet connection.

When you go to the android app section and clear all data and cach you can make 4-5 clicks again before it wont load any other page again.


Fix it. We all paying for that.




Dear @Katerina ,

please give us an update. It is really annoying that Spotify doesn't work as expected for months.

I ask you: Do you want use an app that has the following behavior?


@phpmanThat is exactly the behavior I experience as well. Spotify's lack of support is a shame.


Same problem here. A shame Spotify is not able to fix this after that long time.

The app is unusable. 

Are there third party apps for android?


Hello there, I have the same problem with long loading screens and long response times.


The thing is that I think it has something to do with setting the storage path to the SD card, since I only had the problem when selecting the card in the settings.

I have now used Spotify with my Samsung EVO 32 GB SD on a Samsung Galaxy A5 16 with the most recent original firmware, on a Galaxy S5 with LineageOS running Android 9, a Redmi Note 9Pro and I also tested another SD Card in a Galaxy S5 with the original Samsung firmware.


I also uninstalled the app quite some times, after it it worked a few days just fine, the same happens, when I clear out the cache.


For right now I would prefer to either get an old apk from Spotify and install it or copy the music on cassettes since even my half broken and cheap walkman is more reliable than the recent Spotify application for android.

It's just very annoying to sit in the bus and wait like sometimes 10-20 seconds to get to the next track.

I hope that this will get fixed soon, otherwise I will fully switch back to MC or MD


@dnIertv1 - I can't agree on that approach. Got the same problem on my Pixel 3 XL which hasn't even a SD card slot.



Well, however.

I now cleared the cache again and it seems to work fine for now, and I simply have to live with doing that at least 1x a week when using Spotify.

But still, why is this topic on "not right now"?

Isn't this actually one of the more important problems? I mean, if I pay for such a service I expect a good working application for my android phone.


This is disgraceful indeed 😞 


C'mon Sprotify, this is a crucial function to use your service....



So, only 1 day passed by so far and it's already starting lagging around again!

And no, again, it's not the fault of my phone or my internet connection.




Well, I'm going to buy a old walkman sooner or later, let's see who will finish first.

Spotify fixing those problems or me buying a WM and repairing it 😄


Same problem as anyone else here... Albums won't load. Reinstalling only helps for a day. It's really really annoying and I don't know why I would pay for such a bad working platform 

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