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Android App : No notification !!



When an artist release a new stuff, 98% of time, i didn't receive any notification on the app ( the " bell " )


What about you ? 

I have to go on the web site : to see new stuff..... I


Please help !!!


Thanks 🙂

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Hey @freebox1


That's odd. Can you let us know the following info: 


  1. How long ago did you stop receiving these notifications?
  2. What device and Spotify version are you rocking? 
  3. Have you tried checking your notifications here

We'll see what we can do 🙂 


Hi 🙂


1. I have never receive any notifications ( or it is very rare )


2. I have Oneplus One and now Oneplus 3 and i have the lastest version of spotify


3. Yes, all is check


Thanks for replying!


Can you check the exact version of Spotify by going into Settings and scrolling down to About?


Looking forward to your response. 


Hey @freebox1,


We haven't heard from you in a while, so we're closing this thread for now.


You can find some info about this here:


Give us a shout if you need anything else.

Status changed to: Closed