[Android] App freezes/crashes when clicking on three-dot menu in playlist




United Kingdom


Umidigi F1

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

spotify crashes when you click the 3 dots to add to playlist, share ,view artist. etc

Hello everyone,


Thanks for bearing with us while we keep looking into this issue.


We wanted to give you a quick update and assure you that we continue to monitor this thread and all the info here is passed on to our developers.


If you're also experiencing trouble with the app when tapping the 3-dots icon, make sure to add your +VOTE and leave a comment with the following info:

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  • The exact version of the app you're on 
  • Troubleshooting steps you've tried so far 
  • Can you tell us in which context menu the issue is happening (e.g. on the top corner of the playlist, on the right corner of the track, or both, etc.)?
  • Are there more than one Spotify users switching accounts on the device this happens on?
  • Is there a session in progress (e.g. is a song or podcast playing) or is the app paused?
  • Is the behavior always the same?
  • Can you recreate it with ease, or is it random?

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What if I download an older Spotify apk from e. g. apkpure.com, (e. g. V8.5.17.676 or the like) delete the current version and install the prior one? Would that help?

Since Spotify has worked before on my F1: How can Umidigi be seen as the culprit, if updating the Spotify app has spoiled it's functionality?


What your saying is very true, try installing an older version of Spotify and let us know if it works. If so I'll just use an older version.

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1. I cannot see how after 2 weeks only 6 users are affected out of how many hundred thousands of F1 sold?

2. Could not find out how to enable third party APK installations on my F1, so I wasn't able to try an older Spotify version. Anybody has an idea?

3. Today I got a new spotify update, installed it, and ..... it did not fix the issue ;(

We should really raise this to customer support. Long term, I am not going to pay for broken Spotify app.


I have the same issue, but my device it's diffrent.


I have a Redmi 6A, with Android 9 + MIUI 10.

Spotify version


If I click on 3 dots, the app freezes.




I installed a previous version of Spotify, I actually hadn't updated in first place when I heard they took away the widget and after the freeze problem I updated and then downgraded again.. Nothing changed at all

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So installing a previous version doesn t help?



Previous version of the Umidigi OS, yes,

of Spotify, no.. thats why I said it's a problem from umidigi Software

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  • In addition to the spotify issue, I have exactly the problem described here:




The latest update cannot install.  Am I the only one here here with that "bonus issue"? So how can I downdate Umidigi system to have a working spotify? 






The same phone and the same problem...

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I just started getting this issue with an app update a couple weeks ago (August 2019). Combined with the car integrations that have been broken for the past 10 months, this app/service is hot garbage.