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[Android Auto] Empty Liked Songs playlists

Hey folks!

We received reports that
“No items” is displayed when accessing the Liked Songs playlist on Android Auto. This is being looked into.

Hey folks,


We've made some changes backstage and this should now be resolved! 🙂 
If this is not so - clear your cached data and in case the issue continues to persist, let us know your details as requested above (if you haven't done so already). 

Cheers & thanks for the patience!

Screen stays on "Loading content..." no matter how long I wait. I've logged off and on, cleared app Cache and data, uninstalled/reinstalled, all with no luck. I have ~600 songs.






Pixel 6a

Operating System

Android 14


My Question or Issue

Recently I have not been able to view my liked songs in Android Auto. It just says "No items". I can search within my liked songs and find results but I can't just play my liked songs. Other playlists (discovery and my own) seem to work fine


Yup same issue here, started Friday I think. Was just about to post and saw yours. Tried everything, resetting AA, clearing data/cache in Spotify, clean reinstall etc... Nope. Just tried again and all my liked songs are gone, and all playlist empty, when you click anything says "no items".


Desktop is fine, and if in my truck now and AA can only get it to work on phone, no problem with liked songs or playlist, but in AA now just says no items. Was working fine like normally till few days ago, no AA or phone update either (S21+). 



Same Here, started 2 days ago, I'll try rolling back to a previous version and let you know if it works


Same here, just started for me on Friday. I can't search my liked songs in AA either. Every other playlist seems to show up fine, I was wondering if I had too many Liked songs but I don't even think I added anything new before this problem started. Waze also stopped working Friday too, clearing the cache for waze and AA worked but not for Spotify


Uninstalling and going back to version fixed it for me.


Hi- I'm having the same problem as well.  It worked just fine the other day and then bam, can't view my liked songs.  Mine just comes up saying no content but I can go to app on my phone and it shows them and will play them in my car but only if I have the shuffle button on.  Othetwise, it plays the one song I picked and then nothing after that.  I have no issue with anything else on the app.  It's my liked songs only.  It also does the same thing with the spotify app on my car screen.  I more less listen to my liked songs when in the car and I have over 2000 downloaded.  


Thanks, and where can i found the official download for earlier version ?


Same here, since 2 or 3 days ago,

Phone Model: Moto G42
Android version: 13
Android Auto version: 11.2.640434-release
Spotify version:

Please fix it, as soon as possible,








Samsung S23 Ultra


Cupra Formentor VZ 2023


My Question or Issue

It's been a week now since I've tried to rectify this issue and now the only option is to reach out for support.

My "Liked Songs" playlist is no longer showing any music and displays a message that reads "No Items". This only happens in Android Auto. All other playlists seem to be loading fine, its only liked songs that doesn't load. 


Just so i can skip the Q&A, i have already cleared cache, cleared data, reinstalled the app twice, changed password and logged out of all devices, updated the app and Android Auto. Basically everything that I've found online I have done but with no outcome! 


This only started a week ago. Before that it was working fine and the playlist was loading. I'm getting frustrated with the bugs and glitches in this app... Why should i bother to pay premium if i can use simple functions. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.