Android Auto Playlist Queue

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At the moment you can only see approx 30 songs (when scrolling) from a given playlist, even when you are parked.  Google Music allows you to see all of your playlist when you are parked.


You can see all of your playlists when parked, surely you should  be able to see the whole queue if parked?

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While we're working with Google and employing their guidelines, we might be able to look into the amount of visible tracks.


To gauge user interest, you can post your idea to show more tracks here.

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Could you let us know what device, operating system and Spotify Version you're using? Also, did this started happening after a specific update or event?


We'll see what we can suggest. 


Using s8+ Latest Spotify version from store. And Android auto on a volvo xc90. Same behaviour on any Android phone. 


It seems you are limited to 20 songs from any playlist. Once you click on the queue it only ever has 20 songs in list regardless if you are parked or moving. Once you select a song you have another 20 songs. 


Thanks for the info, @nathtothep


You can find the version of Spotify on Settings > About Spotify. Also, can you send us a screenshot of what you see when trying to play a playlist?


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See link to video on youtube of behaviour


As you can see there are only 20 songs available at any one time (even though the playlist has approx 60 songs), version is armv7


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Thanks for letting us know!


Can you restart your mobile device and connect it once again to your car? If possible, could you log in to a different Spotify account and let us know if you get the same issue?


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Hi, Used my sons account and have exactly the same issue on his phoe s7 Edge.  This is also the same behaviour in the stand alone app.


If you look at the new music playlist on android auto and follow the same steps that I have showed on my video, do you get the same behaviour?



Thanks, can you replicate the issue?

Thanks....Can you replicate the issue?


Status changed to: Under investigation

You're welcome!


As soon as we have any updates from the right team about this matter, we'll let you know. 


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