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[Android Auto] Songs in downloaded album are ordered alphabetically






Samsung J7


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Since last week I have a very frustrating problem with Spotify. When I download a full album from an artist and I want to play that album with Android Auto, the songs are in alphabetical order. I want to have the tracklist in the official order. 


I updatet the Spotify app and Android Auto app, but the problem is still there. I know I can go to the album by clicking "last played", but that's not the way it used to be. I want that the tracklist is correct when I start the album. Other people also have this problem? What can I do? Very frustrating because I have a premium account, but it doesn't feel premium 😞 

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!


If you’re still experiencing this issue, can you make a new thread in the relevant board? We'll get back to you there.




Same issue here - extremely frustrating....


Pixel 2, running Android 9, patched 5th July 2019
Spotify version

Android Auto, version 4.4.592344-release


Please fix asap!!


I thought latest update released today for my device would fix the problem but still is broken to me!.


Device - Samsung A8+, Android 9

Spotify -

Android Auto - 4.4.592344





I've re-installed both spotify and android auto but the issue remains: album tracks are still listed in alphabetic order...




OnePlus 5T (A5010_43_190527)

OxygenOS 9.0.6


Android Auto: 4.4.592344-release


Same issue here

  • device + OS version - Samsung S7 (Model Number: SM-G930V), Android Version 8.0.0
  • exact Spotify version -
  • Android Auto version - 4.4.592344-release

Same here, super annoying!


Device: LG V20 Android 8.0


Andoird Auto: 4.3.591843-release



I'm guessing this is still a problem for people?

Same problem for me but on "My Library > Songs" while in Android Auto. People can comment, see updates here:


Completely baffling how this has not been fixed yet. I actually just spoke to a customer support member and they said it's not a bug, but just part of a redesign. I confirmed this on my co-workers phone. Broken for him as well. In Alphabetical order. If this was on purpose this has to be one of the dumbest design decisions I've ever seen in a major app.


Think about it. I'm constantly finding new songs. I smash that + or heart button and keep growing my library. Okay, time to go for a drive. Let's play my ever growing library of new songs. Wait, it's a song named 2020... again. I will now forever hear the same song when I try to listen to "My Liked Songs" and always in the same order because of alphabetical order (putting songs starting with a number first).


If this was a design decision on purpose, this breaks COMPLETELY the design of concept Albums (which should be played IN ORDER OF THE ALBUM!)

And there are many of Concept albums in my Library... let me just name sone:


Avantasia - The Metal Opera Pt. 1 + 2, The Scarecrow, The Wicked Symphony, Angel of Babylon

Ayreon (nearly every album - except the live ones - is a concept album. Total Number: 10)

Die toten Hosen - Ein kleines bisschen Horrorschau

Dream Theater - The Astonishing

Dream Theater - Octavarium

Iced Earth - Something Wicked (Pt. 1 + 2)

IQ - Subterranea

Judas Priest - Nostradamus

Pink Floyd - Every Album especially The Wall

Subsignal - The Beacons of Somehere Sometime

Threshold - Clone


Come on Spotify. Get this fixed. Or will you leave us alone with this bug unfixed as in this Bug Thread?  (Unfixed for over a year!)



@drummercrm - for me, every album is a concept album. Imagine listening to Nevermind by Nirvana and it starting Breed, Come as You Are, Drain You - it's just weird and wrong. This issue will force people to take their money and move to Google/Apple Music. I'm sure of it.


The only way around this bug is to listen to Playlists, which seem to play in the intended order. But we shouldn't have to have workarounds.

Anybody got any feedback on how good or bad music discovery is on YouTube
Music Premium(Google Play Music replacement)? I actually looked into it
today but was hesitant as it seems Spotify's Monday and Friday Discover
Weekly and Release Radar are well regarded.

@Szarkee - only replying to say no i don't, sorry!