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Android Auto: Sound stops playing after awhile


Nexus 6P and 2016 Volkswagen GTI


Operating System Version:

Android 6.0.1 and Android Auto 1.5.100945


Spotify Version:

 v4.7.0.878  (Paid subscription)



During some song skips or when the next song starts, there is no sound despite the player saying that it is playing and the progress bar is moving. 


To reproduce:

  1. Plug phone into the car via USB to start Android Auto automatically.
  2. Play a Radio channel or play from a playlist
  3. You can either the let the songs play on its own or keep skipping songs. Eventually, you will reach a track where there is no sound, despite it showing that it is playing. This is random. Sometimes it could happen on the 2nd song; sometimes it could be the 10th song.
  4. From here on out, any song that you skip to or skip back to will have no sound despite it showing that it is playing.
  5. If left playing this way on its own, Android Auto will eventually disconnect or the infotainment system will restart. This will usually happen by the time the song ends.


 1. Unplug the phone and then plug back in to restart Android Auto.

2. Previously, i was able to switch to a different app like Google play music, play a song, and then skip back to Spotify and it would bring back the sound. This worked about 1-2 months ago, but no longer works now.


Additional information:

 This issue does not happen with any other music app that i've ised, including Google Play Music and Amazon Prime music which leads me to believe that it is the Spotify app. This happen not only for streamed songs, but it also happens with songs that are cached/available offline.


Hey everybody!


Thanks for all your reports here. Our developers are aware and investigating this issue. While we don't have an exact timeline as to when it might be fixed, please make sure you're rocking the latest version of Spotify and Android Auto. 


We'll update this thread once we have more info from the team.


In the meantime, we're going to be marking this thread as Closed for now. 





We're sorry to hear you're still experiencing this.


Our tech team have been made aware of the issue, and they're looking into things backstage.

While we don't have an exact time frame for a fix, we recommend continuing to ensure you're running the latest version of the app.


We hope to have some more news for you soon.


Thanks for bearing with us.



Step 1

Turn off your phone Bluetooth.

Step 2

Connect your phone. Android auto will turn on Bluetooth atomaticly you will be able to use all the functions.

Step 3

Play a song  (downloaded in your Spotify app) let the full song playa. 

Step 4

Now you can change or skip songs with no problems.



I have been using this round obout, works like a charm every time.


I have the same problem on my honor 8 it's really annoying and has been going on for months now, I was planning on buying the premium family but now I'm not sure anymore because I don't want to have this problem when I'm paying to listen. 

Please fix this fast.


One more update: I have not had the problem in weeks though I did have some connectivity issues which were resolved by cleaning the micro-usb port and cable connection (Anker Powerline is still the most reliable cable I have used).


During my morning commute today, I had an issue where the audio stopped playing while I was waiting at an intersection. I believe this was caused by a low signal/dead zone so I expected the sound to return immediately after the stronger signal resumed in about half a block but it did not. I skipped forward two songs with no improvement then disconnected the cable and reconnected the device at which point the sound started working again. Neither the car or phone needed to restart so I'm not sure if it is related but wanted to report it anyway.


2016 VW GTI Autobahn (MIB II w/ Nav)

Nexus 6

Android 7.0


Hey folks,


Thanks for letting us know how you're getting on.


@Tf-jaha, were sorry to hear this. We're continuing to pass everyone's info on to the team here.

Although we don't have an exact fime frame for a fix, we do recommend ensuring you're always running the latest version of the app. We appreciate you bearing with us.


@xsmileyx, thanks for letting us know this too. We've informed the tech team about this, just to be sure.

If the app misbehaves again however and it doesn't seem related, you can also reach out to our Support folks:

1. Email -

2. Twitter -

3. Facebook -

We hope to have more info soon.






Similar issues as this. 2017 GTI, Samsung S8, Spotify: armv7, Android Auto: 2.3.716604


Plug in phone to USB. AA starts. I press play on the last track that was playing. No Sound, though the progress bar moves. Skipping tracks doesn't help.


I can get sound again by navigating to my playlists and starting the track from there.


It started only a couple days ago, so not sure what changed. No issues if i bypass AA and use bluetooth audio.




FWIW, I've not had this issue occur since switching from my Nexus 6P to a Galaxys S8+.



@nezro, thanks for letting us know this, we're grateful for the info.


@kelchm We're happy things are running smoother for you. We also appreciate you letting us know! We've passed everything on to the team backstage.

While we don't have an exact time frame for a fix, rest assured our developers are investigating this issue.

As mentioned, we recommend always making sure you're running the latest app version. This is the best way to be certain you're getting our most recent fixes and new features.




Just to clarify, has Spotify been in contact with VW or their electronics manufacturer? I'm fairly certain something from the MIB II system is contributing to the problem.


@xsmileyx This may be true, but my issues are limited to Spotify. I've never had this happen with Google Play music or Pocket Casts.