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Android Auto - Spotify doesn't play offline

Android Auto suddenly is unable to play music in offline mode. Started after last Spotify update. The only way to display tracks that have been downloaded is to use cellular data (which it wouldn't supposed to be needed). Reinstalled both android auto and Spotify and also cleared cache. Nothing worked. Can anyone help? 


Note 8 with Oreo. 


Screenshot_20181130-085247_Android Auto.jpg

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!


If you’re still experiencing this issue, can you make a new thread in the relevant board? We'll get back to you there.




I have exactly  the same issue, Spotify please fix.

Asus Zenfone 3 Oreo 8.0


Same here. Please fix this asap!


Same problem here, 

Samsung S7 with Oreo 8


Yep - same problem here. Not too happy about it either. Spotify, please fix asap. If I can't listen to music in my car with Spotify, then it isn't worth paying for at all. And in response to the self-righteous comment on how everyone needs to stop complaining.... Nobody cares what you think. We pay money for a service. When that service no longer works and we have to use cellular data as a workaround, well that costs us money as well. If you can't grasp the concept that most people are partial to their hard-earned money, then I'd venture a guess that you're a spoiled 32 year-old still living with mommy and daddy, or you're just a **bleep**. Either way, your opinions mean nothing to me or anyone else who's been having these issues. Big companies like Spotify often don't pay much attention to bugs that affect a small number of subscribers. In my experience, this often leads to a "fix" that isn't rolled out until their next update which could literally take months. Besides, complaining about people who complain just makes you, well.... a complainer. I'm potentially losing money, and at the very least, losing data unnecessarily. All you seem to be losing is some sleep over a ridiculous notion that we give a **bleep** about your whiny opinion. 


Samsung Galaxy S9+

Oreo 8.0


Android Auto: 3.8.584564


Same problem here...

OnePlus 3 with Oreo 8.0


Same here after update. I uninstalled Spotify and went back to previous version.

Now offline is working again.


same problem, and it's frustrating that you pay for more than 2 years for a great service and now an update make me consider cancel my account, please Spotify fix this ASAP

OnePlus 3T Android 8.0.0
Spotify Ver.:
Date of Update: November 29


Same here. Rolled back to previous Spotify version from APK Mirror and turned off auto update on Playstore. Problem solved. 


I am not comfortable ( and probably forbidden on a professional mobile) with installing a non official application to solve this bug.

Premium users  shouldn't have to use a workaround to use a service they pay for !


@ Spotify, please correct this bug, not acceptable at all for a paid service. I was not so long ago thinking about paying for the family subscription.


This bug seriously puts doubts in my mind.

Not the only one user with doubts for sure...



I've been thinking about this kind of attitude towards paid apps... or free ones as well...

Users are rarely polite and think they are entitled to treat technical support and development as their humble servants... they are not Sir... Sorry to disappoint you...
There's no bug-free software in the commercial world unless you build a 10 lines app that sums 2+2...
Problems happen and we help each other by contacting support and getting them aware and with a ticket number for us...  That's what I did and here you go - This is the ticket number for this case which is under investigation.
{snip - Community Moderator edit}
People are gratuitously rude because they spend 15 dollars on a monthly subscription to listen to millions of songs... development is continuously improving things and in the process, you eventually break something. If you are unable to grasp the idea, I'm sorry. 
Another evidence that you are being ignorant is when you say you are forced to use a non-official release of the product. The truth is that the workaround IS TO USE THE PREVIOUS VERSION THAT IS ALSO AN OFFICIAL RELEASE, JUST NOT THE LATEST RELEASE.
Yes, it's horrible when people are rude gratuitously isn't it?