Android Auto - Spotify doesn't play offline

Android Auto suddenly is unable to play music in offline mode. Started after last Spotify update. The only way to display tracks that have been downloaded is to use cellular data (which it wouldn't supposed to be needed). Reinstalled both android auto and Spotify and also cleared cache. Nothing worked. Can anyone help? 


Note 8 with Oreo. 


Screenshot_20181130-085247_Android Auto.jpg

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!


If you’re still experiencing this issue, can you make a new thread in the relevant board? We'll get back to you there.



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Woke up to a new Spotify update for my CATS41 Android 7.0.


Was hoping it would fix the problem, no luck. Still the same, can not play in offline mode. 


However, I can now switch songs through blue tooth in offline mode with my UConnect. No dice though through Android Auto.


same here

Device: Samsung S9

Android: 8.0.0


Android Auto: 3.8.584564-release

Is there an admin from Spotify in here?
Any progress on resolution?
Thanks to inform

Same issue here, using XPERIA XA2 Ultra with Android 8.0 and SYNC 3.

2 weeks and still no fix really? 


Same issue, cannot see any of my offline playlists until I have cellular connection in car which means I cannot queue up music while still in my parking garage, so I have to drive out, pull over, wait for a connection, then start my music/podcast etc. Worked amazingly well prior to recent release where I could specifically Go to Library > Downloaded > Playlists (I believe that was the process) to only select my downloaded playlists.


It also appears there is no longer a way to filter (or visually see) offline playlists anymore.


  • Samsung S8 - Android v8.0
  • Spotify version:
  • Android Auto version: 3.8.584564-release

Same issue here, just reverted back to and that seems to work.


Moto G5


How do you go back to an earlier version..

Sony xz premium 

Xav ax100


Just received an email stating that the fix could take several weeks.


How nice it took just 1 update to create this mess and suddenly 5 more to fix. 


I literally signed up for pro Spotify last night and downloaded some tracks so I could play offline on a road trip. 

What a joke.