Android Auto - Spotify doesn't play offline

Android Auto suddenly is unable to play music in offline mode. Started after last Spotify update. The only way to display tracks that have been downloaded is to use cellular data (which it wouldn't supposed to be needed). Reinstalled both android auto and Spotify and also cleared cache. Nothing worked. Can anyone help? 


Note 8 with Oreo. 


Screenshot_20181130-085247_Android Auto.jpg

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Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!


If you’re still experiencing this issue, can you make a new thread in the relevant board? We'll get back to you there.



I play spotify offline then 2 days later it logs me out and cannot log back in spotify on my Samsung note 9. Keeps saying need to log in but cannot log in since I'm offline I need to change to online.. but since I cannot log on the app (due to being offline) i have to uninstall and reinstall the app about 3 times per week. Most annoying part is when this happens while i work with no wifi or at the gym (wich is why i have this in the first place)

@Bullet0281 this thread is about Android Auto. It sounds like what you're seeing is slightly different. If you start a new thread on the boards, we'll make sure to help you out from there.


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Wish I could but I dont see any place to spot setting up a new thread

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Thanks for getting back in touch! No worries, we can help with that :)


Since you mention this is happening on your Samsung device, we'd suggest first heading over to the Help - Android board here.


Once there, you should be able to see a button to start a new topic, like so:



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After clicking it, you should be able to start your new thread in that thread. We'd also suggest making sure to fill in all relevant info, including what troubleshooting steps you've tried already.


That should do the trick! If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to give us a shout, we'll be happy to help :)


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Just to confirm, could you let us know if you're still having troubles with Android Auto playing offline?


If so, it'd be helpful if you could let us know the info requested on the status update (for example, your device and OS info, the Spotify app version or steps to reproduce) so we can pass it on the right teams. 



Problem solved

I thought it was working for me, but I was wrong. Over the weekend, I had the same issue once again. Spotify would not play through Android Auto.  Version

Casual Listener

Ich tried it 4 Times and at the Moment ist works fine.

Oneplus 3 A3003 

Android 8.1 oneplus oxigenOS



I tried it 2 days ago and did not work.

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Android 9

Android Auto version 4.3.591854

Spotify version


Fixed for me. Thanks, guys!