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[Android][Bluetooth] Metadata is not transmitted

Thread: -


When using Spotify on an Android device to play over bluetooth, some third-party devices don't receive metada (track, artist, album info, etc. is not displayed on third-party device)


Additional information:

We're collecting information about which specific devices are not receiving metadata. If your device is affected, please reply and provide as much information as possible.

Some useful information (but feel free to add more, if you feel it might be relevant)

  • brand
  • model
  • Android version
  • Spotify (for Android) version

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I have been struggling with this for months now.

No solution anywhere, just questions and posts from 2012.


2017 Opel Astra K - Navi 900 IntelliLink 2.5

Nokia 6.1 on Android 10

Spotify version

AVRCP 1.3 through 1.6 tested (1.4 was device's default)


I'm never able to browse my music. Controlling Spotify stops working occasionally. Sometimes skip and previous song buttons won't work, sometimes pause won't work. Only thing working well is displaying of song information.


Hier sinds kort ook hetzelfde probleem.


Ik gebruik Spotify versie in combinatie met een bluetooth verbinding met:  

- Samsung S10+ (model SM-G975F - Android versie 10)

- Nisssan Quasqai 2017

- Bose Mini SoundLink 


Ik zou graag horen of hier een oplossing voor is !!


OnePlus 6T build ONEPLUS A6013_41_210121 running Android version 10 connected via BT to Mini Cooper F56

Track name and other info like track time stops getting updated a few seconds after first connection.



I've given up. I've had this probelm with my car and Spotify for about 6 years now, the comments here are ignored, we are all wasting our time. In addition, I think Bluetooth is the most flakey technology ever invented. Nothing ever works properly over Bluetooth, not without a load of faff trying to connect, reconnect, losing pairing, breaking up, etc etc , and it's always so much trouble to get it set up (Is this just me ?). I'm signing out of this pointless discussion - pointless because Spotify can't even have the courtesy to respond to all these issues, let alone actually act to fix what is a totally fundamental issue which so many people are clearly experiencing.

I agree. They simply don´t care and Im also unsubscribing.

Or maybe we look for other streaming service and leave spotify. Perhaps it´s the solution they want us to look for.


Its happened all of a sudden for me too.

Im using a oneplus 6 and a VW polo from 2014.

Other apps have no issue, my (work) iphone also works fine with spotify and bluetooth.


Reading this thread is disheartening to say the least.. seems like im stuck till i get another phone or stop using spotify



Same issue for me. I have a BMW 120D (F21) and a OnePlus 7T Pro


I've been using the same setup for about three years now:

  • OnePlus 6T (about 3 years old now)
  • 2017 Volvo V40
  • Spotify version:

Never an issue and suddenly this bug happened, seemingly out of nowhere. Tried the following:

  • deleting Spotify cache from system settings
  • deleting Spotify cache from within the app itself
  • deleting entire phone cache via recovery mode
  • deleting all Spotify app data from system settings
  • removing Spotify completely and re-installing

Sadly no success. I've also tested this on a Hyundai i20 (replacement car while mine was in for maintenance), and the problem occurs there as well: first track shows proper data, after that it just keeps showing the first track's data. Sad to see this problem dates all the way back to 2013 and no indication of a fix in sight..


Just about died when I saw the creation date of this thread. Same issue reporting in: song info display is stuck at whichever song was playing in the first 30 seconds or so of playback, regardless of input on either device. With Spotify remaining open on my phone, power cycling the head unit results in it displaying the same song name as pre-poweroff.


Receiver: JVC KD-R980BTS (f/w ver. 1.19)

Phone: OnePlus 6 A6003 (OxygenOS 10.3.9)


Spotify, I am genuinely skeptical that my monthly subscription payment is being put to good use, by the looks of this thread. Please, probe me wrong and fix this.