[Android][Bluetooth] Metadata is not transmitted

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When using Spotify on an Android device to play over bluetooth, some third-party devices don't receive metada (track, artist, album info, etc. is not displayed on third-party device)


Additional information:

We're collecting information about which specific devices are not receiving metadata. If your device is affected, please reply and provide as much information as possible.

Some useful information (but feel free to add more, if you feel it might be relevant)

  • brand
  • model
  • Android version
  • Spotify (for Android) version

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Like others have said ... I think you can remove the [iOS] tag from this thread, because we see the same problem with android.


We use

Samsung S3

Samsung Splus

Samsung W

Samsung galaxy mini


Together with a Volvo V70 2013 using Volvo Bluetooth version 5.00.17S

Spotify version from 12 jul 2013.


With Spotify no metadata is transferred but it is possible to start, pause skip etc.

With the standard music player in the phones - metadata is transferred.


Not applicable

I have a similar experience. Samsung Galaxy S3 and a pebble watch. I get a metadata update, seemingly randomly, but very infrequently (1 song in 50 or so). The stock Andriod player shows full metadata on the pebble. The controls work fine. Just the meta data is missing.


2014 Audi S4 MMI

Galaxy S4 Android


Same, no metadata transfer between samsung s4 and audi a3.

No meta data/track information for my ford sync system. 


Samsung S4

Andriod 4.3

spotify 0.7

Not applicable

Yup, I've got similar issues. The weird part is that it works flawlessly with certain devices for me but not with others. Bottom line is that the media control buttons always work, but the track information gets lost sometimes.


Tested devices:

  • Pebble smartwatch: updates track info *very* sporadically.
  • After-market Pioneer Bluetooth carkit: shows album title instead of track title. Artist works fine.
  • Mercedes car: works flawlessly.

Tested phones:

  • HTC Sensation on Android 4.0 (custom HTC Bluetooth stack)
  • Nexus 4 on Android 4.2 through 4.4 (stock Android Bluetooth stack)
Casual Listener

I do not receive any Meta data / track info / Album art from Spotify over the Blue tooth in my car.  I can get it if using Pandora, so I know its a Spotify issue.  I can control pause start, and skip from car controls.


Android version is 4.0.4

Software version is VS840ZV9


Car is 2013 AUDI S5


Come on Spotify, this is a highly desirable feature, and this should be working.  I would be a huge fan if you can get album art to show up also.


Brand: Samsung

Model: GT-I8190 (Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini)

Android version: 4.1.2

Spotify version: (and previous)

Music Fan

Not working

Samsung Galaxy S3, GT-I9300

Android 4.3, stock Samsung

Spotify version

Volvo V70, modellyear 2014 with latest bluetooth version from Volvo.


The screen in the car only says "Streaming" and no artis or track info.

The default music player from Samsung works and for info I have tried Deezer and it works fine there with all info.


I will try my wifes Sony Xperia Z with Android 4.3 and see if that works.

Casual Listener

Not working.


  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Android version 4.3
  • Spotify version
  • Devices: Sony BT Headset MW600
                        Ford audio (Sony)

 Metadata missing, skip/back and pause/play working.