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When using Spotify on an Android device to play over bluetooth, some third-party devices don't receive metada (track, artist, album info, etc. is not displayed on third-party device)


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We're collecting information about which specific devices are not receiving metadata. If your device is affected, please reply and provide as much information as possible.

Some useful information (but feel free to add more, if you feel it might be relevant)

  • brand
  • model
  • Android version
  • Spotify (for Android) version

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gracias por el comentario pero no fue para mí una solución en una ocasión le di formato a mi teléfono y si se podía ver la info pero después ya no no sé si alguna actualización borra esos datos de las canciones

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Experiencing an issue with metadata in my Lexus GS 2017 model with both phones:


Samsung Galaxy S10+ - Android Ver.9 - Spotify:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G - Android Ver.9 - Spotify:


Metadata only updates when "Next Track" is selected through the vehicle control buttons, otherwise if the song finishes and another starts playing, the track metadata stays exactly the same.


I have the same issue with my Mitsubishi Outlander (2014). It has NEVER worked. I even had the Bluetooth software updated at my Mitsubishi dealer recently, and it's still the same. It doesn't work with my current Andoroid phone, nor with my previous phone. When I start to play, the first song's details appear, and then it sticks - the song title/artst info does not change when subsequent songs play.

Phone: Huawei Honor 9 Lite (LLD-L31)   (also my previous Samsung Galaxy S4 mini)

Android Version 9

Spotify version


BMW F36 2014

Xiaomi Mi 9

MIUI Global 10.2.13