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[Android][Desktop] Radio repeats tracks

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Status: Reopened - Under Investigation


"After a while, this can be after a couple of hours or so but it will always happen, the same song will be repeated over and over again. When I press the Next button I also get the same song again.

When I dislike the song, then the radio will continue.


I've noticed this only in the regular radio, not the artist radio."


Information Needed:


What platform were you using Spotify on? (e.g. Desktop, Android phone, iPhone)

What seed did you start the station from? (e.g. Artist, Album, Song)


Additional information:

When replying here, please list the specific tracks you're having this problem with.

2013-01-15: I am told this is now fixed. Status changed to "Resolved."

2014-01-14: Reopened this, as it seems to have come back. Please have a read and see if you can provide more information.

2015-08-03: Reopened due to recent reports. See "Information Needed" section then post in this thread, please. 





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The repeats continue to be a problem, but honestly I think the entire radio is a complete mess. I posted a message about my general issues with it in another thread today; hopefully, that will get a bit of attention as well:


Just seems like the radio needs a complete overhaul at this point, considering how often it repeats tracks/artists and plays music that shouldn't even be considered related to the seed music.


Hey Spotify, I just wanted to drop a note. Im a premium customer and issues with the radio are leading me to seriously consider ending my membership. Just to start, its always repeating artists and specific songs, even if I change playlists. Beyond that the range of music within related genres is very narrow. Im a member (paying and non) to a number of different music sites, and the rang is far greater. Whats that do even better is that their radio' provide excellent matches while venturing into different genres, the best way to describe your radio is that its becoming stale.  I love many of your features but there is no reason for me to continue as a paying membership when the reason I joined was to listen to radio.

I hope I didn't come off as rude, thanks team. 


This happens the same to me too on a Windows 8 desktop. 


Sometimes a couple songs play from the same artist. That is NOT considered variety.


Another issue I have is that Spotify forgets,my thumbed-up songs. It's sooooo irritating.


And then lastly is the repeats. Every 3 hours, the same song will come on. The radio algorithm sure deserves an professional upgrade. 


I don't know what's going on, but the Radio is acting "FM" ish. Songs like Bruno Mars' Talking to the Moon, Moves Like Jagger and Hollaback Girl plus a whole variety of others are repeating non-stop, and my reaction is like, "Hmm. Pandora doesn't do stuff like that."


Spotify is also keeping silent on this topic, as we know of. We know something suspicious is going on wtih the radio service. Mostly, I use the Pop radio station, but I'm sure it happens on a lot of different radio stations on Spotify too. You guys gotta fix this dilemma straight.


Re: one track repeating several times in one hour:

In order to further investigate this issue we need some more information:

When a track repeats, copy/paste the URI and note down the date and time. If some folks could provide a short list with this info we can try and narrow down what might be causing this issue.


Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. Before I go on I just realized that this is an Android Desktop (?) thread, my issue was while using Spotify on my Mac. With that said, Ive notice that the repeating doesnt happen when listening to the radio on my iPhone, the diversity in songs and artists is alo much greater. I havent used the radio on my desktop in a while so I can fill you in on those songs/artists that repeat,  I'll post the url when I find some.  


We try to use [tags] for the specific platforms that are affected, so in this case it means Android and Desktop (PC,Mac, possibly Linux).


I'm having the same exact problem on my pc. I don't have Spotify on my Android phone so I don't know if the thumbs up/down system is better. The vast majority of the songs that I downvoted keep getting replayed, the same set of songs that I've liked gets replayed with no little to no variety in between, and lastly the genre completely changes from the artist/genre I set for my playlist. I love of a lot of different genres of music but it's really annoying when you're in the mood for one thing and you get something completely opposite. I hope this issue gets fixed since it seems like it's been around for months.


I confirm this odd misbehavior.


When I start playlist radio for my starred songs, I'm somehow still stuck in the music of 60's and 70's in spite of the fact my starred playlist is much much more diverse. I'm trying to use the thumb down/up as much as it's possible, but nothing really changes and several times thumbed down artists (not the songs) still reappear.


Seems to me that I'm stuck with like 10-15 artists forever.


If you want more detailed info, feel free to ask.


I use desktop Win7 client.


I'm also having problems with the radio.


It seems the like/dislike functionality is completely broken. I use radio on my "Liked from Radio" playlist. This playlist has 3 songs from Monstercat out of 34 tracks. After liking a couple of monstercat tracks that it played, it is completely disregarding the original playlist ( which has electronic, pop, rock, classical music, movie soundtracks ) and plays exclusively monstercat. I can sort of "fix" it by disliking 10 monstercat songs in a row, to finally get something else( if I push next, it will keep pulling monstercat songs forever ). This creates a weird situation where I have to be careful about my likes, and try to "find" songs from other genres that I can like to improve the variety of the radio, because otherwise it will just go into one very specific type of music, and I'll hear similar and the same tracks over again, all day.


It seems like the song picking algorithm cares too much about likes and dislikes, and does not try to include any form of variety at all.


I switched to Spotify from Last FM just yesterday and now have 3 radio stations in Spotify, all playing just the same song over and over repeatedly, even hitting the "next song"-button won't help. Yesterday everything worked fine, however today I can't get more than one song out of a radio station. I can circumvent this by after each song switching to one of the other radio stations, but it's just not convenient. I really don't understand what's so hard at implementing a "don't play same song twice in a row"-code.


Either this changes, or I will switch back to Last FM again. As this bug has been present for years now, I guess I already know the eventual outcome.