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[Android][Desktop] Radio repeats tracks

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"After a while, this can be after a couple of hours or so but it will always happen, the same song will be repeated over and over again. When I press the Next button I also get the same song again.

When I dislike the song, then the radio will continue.


I've noticed this only in the regular radio, not the artist radio."


Information Needed:


What platform were you using Spotify on? (e.g. Desktop, Android phone, iPhone)

What seed did you start the station from? (e.g. Artist, Album, Song)


Additional information:

When replying here, please list the specific tracks you're having this problem with.

2013-01-15: I am told this is now fixed. Status changed to "Resolved."

2014-01-14: Reopened this, as it seems to have come back. Please have a read and see if you can provide more information.

2015-08-03: Reopened due to recent reports. See "Information Needed" section then post in this thread, please. 





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got the same issue, only on a mac mini (2012) desktop. happened today with "Pet shop boys - Its a sin"  and last night it was "Blondie - Rapture"  on 80s radio stream.


Uh, it kept happening on my Windows 8, Spotify version

Track that got repeated was Love Lost - The Temper Trap


Mac OS X.8.2


I just read 20 pages through the old thread, this has been going on well over 3 months now Spotify, this is rediculous!


You've not done anything, you can't have done anything because I've been using radio all night and the radio is CONSTANTLY repeating the same songs over and over and OVER again!


It can't be that hard to sort it out surely! I refuse to buy premium until it's sorted! Oh, and listening to the same averts over and over again doesn't do anything, I'm a guy that doesn't rape I don't need to hear that advert every 3 songs, and I certainly don't need to talk to frank about drugs every other song too! If I don't click it the first time what makes you think I will the next?


EDIT: I posted a status on facebook and I'm not the only one! This is happening to loads of people using the artist radio.


I use it on Windows 7 at work. I had Taylor Swift song play twice is row, just about an hour ago. That is the worst. Usually it will play a song and then play it again after the next song, so same song within 3 songs. This happens a few times a day. It will also play a song I skip within a few songs of skipping it.


I'm getting this bug right now. Windows XP. Spotify updated today. Track is Thom Yorke - Cymbal Rush.


This is a huge problem for Spotify. This bug is preventing me from upgrading to premium. I hope the algorithms are not written to be this way and I'm sure they are not or Spotify wouldn't be as huge as it is. The Heavy Metal and Death Metal stations are plagued heavily with this bug.


Artists and songs from the same albums keep getting played over and over again regardless of using thumbs up or down.


I am sad to report that this bug has come back.  Listening to Artist Radio based on Kings Of Leon.  Repeating song: Only The Young by Brandon Flowers.



Mac OSX 10.8.2
Spotify Version


I quit Spotify last year because of this problem. Today I was hoping to learn that it has subsequently been fixed. I guess not, which is a shame. 


This is quite ridiculous.  I'm listening to the Alternative Genre Station and it has repeated 4 songs in the same order 3 different times over the past hour.  I just downgraded from Premium to Unlimited because of this.  While I'm complaining, the radio stations get WAY off-topic within a song or two on artist radio.  


I cannot believe there has been no word from Spotify officials about this. They are apparently trying to expand their product into a Netfilix-like service. I guess offering it for free is a good way to iron all the bugs out. How do the premium users feel about this?


Having a buggy desktop application is going to kill Spotify dead in it's tracks. Pandora will catch on to this as well as other streaming services. Watch out. I love Spotify but the disfunction is killing it for me.