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"After a while, this can be after a couple of hours or so but it will always happen, the same song will be repeated over and over again. When I press the Next button I also get the same song again.

When I dislike the song, then the radio will continue.


I've noticed this only in the regular radio, not the artist radio."


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What platform were you using Spotify on? (e.g. Desktop, Android phone, iPhone)

What seed did you start the station from? (e.g. Artist, Album, Song)


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When replying here, please list the specific tracks you're having this problem with.

2013-01-15: I am told this is now fixed. Status changed to "Resolved."

2014-01-14: Reopened this, as it seems to have come back. Please have a read and see if you can provide more information.

2015-08-03: Reopened due to recent reports. See "Information Needed" section then post in this thread, please. 





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The issue has not been fixed.  This issue is going back to 2012, with pages and pages of people complaining.


I cancelled my membership and went back to Pandora.  


Any news on when this will be actually fixed or if it is already. I installed it around 2 weeks ago on linux and have spent the last week and a half searching forum after forum, google after google search for any work arounds or ways to solve the problems.


If i play any playlist i have created it will work fine playing all my songs and will work great on repeat, shuffle etc but only on the playlist. but as soon as i try any radio station based on my play lists such as liked from radio then i hit a wall.


I start like from radio and the radio station will play the following


The Chameleons

The Church

Theatre of Hate


The Chameleons

The Church

Spear of Destiny

Theatre of Hate


The Chameleons

The Church

Spear of Destiny

The Church



Rins and repeat over and over and over other than every so often around 20 songs something i ain't played yet that isn't in the top 5 over and over bands will pop up and then vanish and then back to the rinse and repeat the same bands.


The Radio stations such as 80's, rock, metal etc have more of a diversity even if i feel that's playing some of the same songs way too much. It's infuriating when i  want to check out some new positive-punk or some new blues or rockabilly or anything.

I switched to Google Music which has a much better algorithm. I was a
paying customer for a few years, and this problem has been an issue for at
least a year. Google music has a free trial, I recommend it.

This is the most disgusting feature of Spotify — radio plays same songs over and over and disliking a song does nothing — it keeps coming back. Also, is there a way to completely remove an artist from the station? Disliking 4 or 5 songs by the same artist does nothing and Spotify keeps suggesting that darn artist.


I'll gladly cancel my subscription since music Discovery is all I need and Spotify is the weakest of all in that department.


Spotify, I can't believe that after 4 years, you guys haven't been able to fix the problem with Radio. Seriously the same set of tracks EVERYTIME in the SAME ORDER?! I'm still listening to the same set of tracks frozen in time.


This is still happening on my iPhone even though everything is completely updated. It doesn't matter what "Radio Type" it is. I use radio to fine-tune a genre that I like and I've notice that after multiple declines on songs that it will restart from the beginning of the "Radio Playlist" and every time a song is declined after that it will indefinitely restart. Really sad that a bug of this nature is still in the system from 2013. The big bummer that is happens in "Your Daily Mix" on every single radio station, I know what music I like, I want more options. Spotify, it's not me, it's you. We may have to break up. Google Music seems to be greener grass, better than wasting $10 a month on something that doesn't work.


Ah man, same issues on desktop and android. Please fix. god damn.