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[Android][Desktop] Radio repeats tracks

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"After a while, this can be after a couple of hours or so but it will always happen, the same song will be repeated over and over again. When I press the Next button I also get the same song again.

When I dislike the song, then the radio will continue.


I've noticed this only in the regular radio, not the artist radio."


Information Needed:


What platform were you using Spotify on? (e.g. Desktop, Android phone, iPhone)

What seed did you start the station from? (e.g. Artist, Album, Song)


Additional information:

When replying here, please list the specific tracks you're having this problem with.

2013-01-15: I am told this is now fixed. Status changed to "Resolved."

2014-01-14: Reopened this, as it seems to have come back. Please have a read and see if you can provide more information.

2015-08-03: Reopened due to recent reports. See "Information Needed" section then post in this thread, please. 





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Hello. I want to say that I'm suffering the same issues here.


The radio feature is highlighted to help discover new music, artists, songs...


But it actually helps nothing!! It kind of create a playlist and repeat it again and again...


If I select to hear a radio based on one of my playlist, many of the songs are the ones I already have, and the others repeat between sessions...


I am having same issues here as well. Songs keep playing over and over. One in particular is

STRFKR " girls just wanna have fun"


there have been others but it happens when i play the radio. it doesn't matter what station it just keeps happening any time i play the radio. very annoying. 

Windows Desktop and in Andriod versions. I thumbs down songs and use skipping in the desktop app and I still get the same songs over and over. They are songs that I THUMBED DOWN, and I get them over and over. Shouldn't it save? In the past hour I seriously saw the SAME series of songs I thumbed down last night. Really annoying.


Don't know if the right place for this but have same issues on my OS devices (desktop: OS X 10.8.4 phone OS 6.1.4.). It's been going on for at least a month and the issues are the following:


  • Same songs repeat themselves even after being thumbed down.
  • The thumbed down button is highlighted on most tracks even when they start to play.
  • There are two songs that will repeat as every second or third song and although thumbed down every time, they won't show it. When thumbing them down again, it does show the improving the station sign and the next song will be played but the same issue will occur again after a couple of songs.
  • As the station is based on a playlist, even when adding songs to the playlist no changes occur in the songs played on the radio station.

Do let me know if any additional information is needed. Would really like to find a way to solve this as I know every one of those songs by heart by now and I don't even like them that much.

i suppose this bug is independent from platform. i usually hear the latin radio and some songs are repeated AND also artists are a strict group. i hope it is not a stupid commercial trick to feed us with the same Artists....anway i will not renew my subscription if things will not change

I get the same issues listed here (repeating tracks, regardless of thumbs-up/thumbs-down)....super annoying.  Any bugfix planned for this?  It seems to be worse than it used to be...


I was able to fix this problem once and for all by switching to Google Play Music All Access.


I have the same problem with the radio, can't stand it... It keeps repeating same songs all the time! I'll wait until end of subscription and switch to something else 😞


This is still an issue.


And the radio won't remember that I have thumbed down songs so those songs keep popping up.


This drives me insane.  I hear the same song like 5 times within an hour and it is not a thumbed up song or anything.  I wish I could import my Pandora radio....


This drives me insane.  I hear the same song like 5 times within an hour and it is not a thumbed up song or anything.  I wish I could import my Pandora radio....


Yes I said that 2 times.... See how annoying it can be.