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[Android] Downloaded albums don't show first tracks in Offline mode

Hey folks,


We're seeing reports that downloaded albums on the Android app are shown only partially when the app is set to offline. This doesn't seem to be affecting playlists or the same albums, when the app is online.


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Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


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Samsung S10

Operating System

Android 11

Spotify Version


im having the same exact issue as well! this is what an album looks like when im online


 And this is what it looks like offline, bare in mind it's a downloaded album 


 Please fix this asap the app is not usable offline.




That's the same thing that's happening to me kemo77_9, its fine in online and blocks the songs in offline and won't go away no matter what it just comes back.

Nokia 2.3 android 11 

Spotify version

  1. the issue is very recent and has only started after the last update @Aidan8981
  2. I've tried everything from deleting cache to restarting the phone and uninstalling the app but to no avail 😞

Hello all, 


@schodl , @Aidan8981 


I have having the same issue on my moto g power (with premium). 


I figured out a temporary workaround.... Since the songs are downloaded just not showing you can click the  top song showing and then just skip back 6 times to the start of the albums (assuming you arent on shuffle mode). Obviously not ideal but you can at least access all the song until this is fixed. 


Good luck 



@kemo77_9 you can still select the first tracks, they're covered by the album art and album name banner. Try tapping just below the album name and you can select early track offline. Having this issue too with the newest update and that's the best workaround for now. Seems like it's just an issue with the layout of the different visual elements. Good album choice btw 😁


The issue is still affecting my account. Checked again this morning. Do we have an update or a timescale for a fix? 


I have the same problem.

Phone: Huawei Nova3i

  1. Version (Spotify) : 8.6.44. 85
  2. Android version: 9

I think Spotify should think about a partial or full refund for this period (as we are unable to use the service).


spotify version:

device brand/model: samsung a520f/ds

OS version: android 8


  • Nexus 6 Android 10 (Root) 
  • Spotify version